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The Little Brother Book Review (2021)

Bill Eidson

This book by author Bill Eidson is actually his first novel and it is a thriller that you definitely won’t forget after you read it. It holds such an intense and memorable story with a huge psychological factor.

Terrifying Crime

The story proves more interesting to people who enjoy reading about terrifying crimes and people who just weird others out. For more exciting books written by this author, check out our Dangerous Waters book review.

The Little Brother Book

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Rod Konrad

This is exactly that kind of story that you can read comfortably from home while you find out about the life of Rod Konrad and how it quickly turns upside down. Find out what kind of thrilling story holds Bill Eidson’s first thriller ever in this book review of The Little Brother.

Identity Theft

This story is one that leads to identity theft and some horrifying events that happen after that which no one would want. As harmless as it seems reading about this in a book, things like identity thefts happen in the real world and one should definitely always be more careful around new people. That’s something that Rod Konrad, the victim in this story, didn’t think about as he published an ad for a new roommate.


Rod does this because he is a dive shop owner that lives in Boston who just started running out of money. He asks his girlfriend, Bette, to move in, but she feels not ready for this step so Rod is left with one choice, to look for a new roommate, a total and complete stranger to share rent with him.

You finally meet the guy behind all that is about to happen in our book review of The Little Brother, Brendan, at least that’s what he says his name is at first. He seems like a nice guy, he has gotten pretty good at this so he has no trouble making Rod feel safe around him.

A Bit Strange

Soon after moving in, Brendan starts acting a little strange, he starts talking like Rod, walking like Rod, and things like that. Rod had no idea that Brendan would not only steal his clothes but take over his entire life. This guy is actually the furthest thing from harmless as we described him before in our The Little Brother book review.

You will meet his real true self as you read the book, the things that are about to happen are too good to spoil in a review of The Little Brother, so we leave it to you to find out how the story ends and will Rod and his girlfriend who is now involved too escape this man’s horrible intentions.

Tons of Action

One thing that you can know about the ending to make sure to crave the book even more is that you read about a thrilling car chase, a horrible blood bath, and more action that makes the characters inside do crazy things. Bill Eidson sure did a nice job for his first novel as it looks like he had been writing for decades.

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