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Lord of the Fire Lands Book Review (2021)

The King’s Blades Series

This book is the sequel to The Gilded Chain, and belongs to a series, called The King’s Blades that talks about the world of elite swordsmen who have the most honored duty of protecting kings.

Dave Duncan

They talk about a lot more than that but that is the basic premise of the series. The Kind’s Blades series is written by author Dave Duncan who is a Scottish fellow but lived most of his life in Western Canada. If you are interested in his work, check out our article about the best Dave Duncan books.

Lord of the Fire Lands Book

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Raider and Wasp

This is the book review of Lord of the Fire Lands that tells you the brief description of the story in the second book of the series and shows you what to expect from this novel, as well as the whole series in general.

Lord of the Fire Lands book is one of those books that can be enjoyed and understood as an only book, but it also fits nicely with its prequel and sequel as well. Dave Duncan has started this novel filled with adventures with the introduction of two of the most important characters in the novel and those which the book itself revolves around, two rebellious boys called Raider and Wasp.

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Story of Raider and Wasp starts as they unwillingly find refuge in Ironhall, a place in which the most elite of the swordsmen train to become personal protectors of the King of Chivial himself, called Blades. These two boys end up training in the ways of the sword for five years.

Perfect Warriors

They turn out to be perfect warriors and their training is finally complete. Once they get the honor to become personal protectors  of the King, Raider and Wasp do something that has never been done in the history of the Blades. They refuse this duty that has been given to them and as a result of that, they become enemies of the king, outlaws on the run, saving their lives and escaping one danger only to find a new one soon after.


As you dive deeper into this book review of Lord of the Fire Lands and the book itself, Duncan explains why these boys made the decision that they made and why they are now hunted by the very Blades that they were so close to becoming a part of. Having no choice and out of desperation to save themselves from the fierce Blades.

Fire Lands

Raider and Wasp find themselves escaping into the treacherous Fire Lands, a place haunted by devastating evil that no one will ever dare to set foot in unless it is an act of desperation like in this situation. Ahead of these two boys lies a path filled with dangerous monsters, ghosts, and half men that Dave describes so amazingly in the book itself.

Hopefully, this book review of Lord of the Fire Lands has managed to introduce the plot of the story to you and if you like what you see then you will surely enjoy this book as well as the whole series.

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