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Losing Earth Book Review (2021) – A Recent History

Nathaniel Rich

Nathaniel Rich was born on the 5th of March, 1980, in New York City, New York, United States of America. Nathaniel is a notable author and essayist from the US.

Life and Education

Nathaniel was born to father Frank Rich and mother Gail Winston. Frank was a writer for the New York Magazine and once worked as the columnist for New York Times.

Gail, on the other hand, is the executive editor for HarperCollins, the publishing house. Nathaniel also has a younger brother whose name is Simon Rich. Nathaniel Rich went to the Dalton School, while he studied literature at Yale University. Upon graduation, Nathaniel began working as an editor for The New York Review of Books.

Losing Earth Book

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Nathaniel allocated to San Francisco, where he wrote his book San Francisco Noir. The book was named as one of the best of the year – 2005. In this same year, Nathaniel was offered a job on the editorial staff for the Paris Review. In 2014, Nathaniel married Meredith Angelson. The couple presently resides in New Orleans along with their son.

Everything We Needed

As such, we can now move on to our Losing Earth book review. Nathaniel Rich’s superb book Losing Earth: A Recent History was published in the year of 2018. It is one of the author’s best books, to date. We also covered it in our selection of the best books about climate change

Nathaniel doesn’t waste time telling us that about forty years ago, namely in 1979, everything that anyone needed to know about climate change was discovered. The causes which are of a human nature were determined, how climate change usually progressed, and all particulars were worked out forty years ago.

Nothing Has Changed

Still, nothing except for the models for predicting the outcome of climate change has changed in spite of the fact that the general concept was well determined. Nathaniel dissects the decade beginning from 1979 up until 1989. This period of ten years is of a paramount significance because it marks the first that the public eye took notice – the term is used loosely – of climate change.

Not a New Concept

The scientists and politicians of this period initially attempted to cut the factors that contributed to climate change, but man’s greatest enemies – denial, ignorance, and greed – prevailed.

It is easy to determine, since it has been forty years since it was first observed, that climate change is not a new concept. In spite of the fact of the impending storm that we are aware is on the horizon, we have done absolutely nothing to curb, stifle, stop, or slow it down.

Worse and Worse

It might just be the urges that humanity has to only deal with its issues when they are unavoidable; that is to say, to fight the problem which is scheduled at 11 am, at noon.

It’s not even the case that the problem has stagnated or hit a wall of sorts. In fact, the case is it has only gotten worse and worse, owing to increased fossil fuel exhausting, rainforest cutting, and the like.

Damage Dealt

Nathaniel observes and asserts that the damage that has been dealt to our home planet is an irreversible, deep wound. That isn’t to say that the Earth can’t recuperate – in fact, most of all that the Earth does is rejuvenate in the aftermath of the downfall of species. Obviously, while we damage the Earth, we also damage the home of our children, and our progeny.


Nathaniel’s book is a powerful one and it should definitely be on the to-read lists of our readers! This has been our Losing Earth book review. A few other books from the expert mind of Nathaniel Rich are Odds Against Tomorrow and King Zeno.

Michael Englert
Michael Englert
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