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Loving Mr. Daniels Book Review (2021)

Brittainy C. Cherry

As far as the private and intimate life of talented authoress Brittainy C. Cherry, a lack of information is observed. As with others, we can say a few words on the enigmatic writer’s past and we will proceed to do so.

Brittainy C. Cherry, in her own words, has been head over heels for words ever since she was born. A Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Theatre Arts and a minor in Creative Writing was acquired from Carroll University.

Loving Mr. Daniels Book

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Herself, Cherry adores writing screenplays, loves acting for fun, and she is even an avid dance, though she would object to her proficiency in the lattermost activity. In her opinion, drinking a cup of coffee, some chai tea, and a glass of wine are essential for any person.

At the present moment, Brittainy resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, along with her family. If writing a story and doing some chores is off the menu for the day, then Brittainy is without a doubt having some fun with her loveable pets. With all of that said, we can focus on one of Brittainy’s wonderful works, which are always in abundance, and now give our book review.

Standalone Novel

This is a brilliant standalone novel from the exceptional mind and extraordinary quill of Brittainy C. Cherry. It is without a doubt one of the authoress’ greatest achievements in terms of writing. The story is just so absorbing and entrancing that we can’t help ourselves. Loving Mr. Daniels book was published in the year of 2014.

The writing of Brittainy C. Cherry is in full display here. We see why it is that she is regarded as such a paramount figure in terms of writing with her heart, not just her pen. The wonderful story stays with the reader for longer than just the first day or even week; it is such a memorable experience to read a novel of this magnitude.


If anyone, having read the synopsis or summary, is dubious about the subject matter and whether it is a worthy read, let us put all doubts to rest with our book review. No wonder, that we covered this amazing book in our selection of the best forbidden romance books as well.

The main character of the story is none other than the young Ashlyn. Ashlyn is an adorable, beautiful young adult; based on her age, nineteen, Ashlyn should be in her college years. However, as a child, she was afflicted with an ailment so that her time at school took a noticeable hit.

Sent Away

As such, the nineteen-year-old Ashlyn is not in college, but a senior at high school. With the beginning of the novel comes a trying time for Ashlyn. As it turns out, Ashlyn’s mother is sending her to live with her dad – a man whom she doesn’t even know – and finish her final year there. She misses her sister and is left all alone feeling hopeless, as she maneuvers through every waking moment with a forced lucidity.

Like a Fish Out of Water

She wades her way with difficulty to get to the home of her father – who works as the assistant principal at the school Ashlyn is set to attend –, but on this journey, she comes to meet a peculiar man – a man that won’t leave her indifferent. Just like Ashlyn’s sister, this man is a musician.

They figure out that they both have a fancying and longing for some Shakespeare, so they get to meet each other. His name is Daniel. Daniel offers Ashlyn a chance to go to the club where he has a gig. This encounter with Daniel leaves Ashlyn feeling a lot better about herself. The things that hurt inside were suspended and everything was bliss for those few minutes with Daniel.


She gets to the house of her daddy and is dumbfounded to discover that the man even has a family of his own. It’s no secret that feelings of being a loner and on the sideline encumber her.

It’s painful to watch the man that refused to be your dad, be a father to someone else. In spite of the pain and the disorienting experience of examining her whole life, Ashlyn collects her bearings and saunters over to the club where Daniel is going to be playing.

The Burden of the World Collapses on Our Shoulders

Daniel, himself, is someone used to being sorrowful and having his heart ripped out and torn in front of him. He watches the door for Ashlyn to come through, but he sees her let her torment go and he needs to help her back up and to soothe the sadness that ails her.

It doesn’t take long for him to figure out that she, despite being someone wholly new to him, bears a certain importance. Their first kiss is a potent one and one that drives them together, like two lonesome specters in the dead of night.

The two continue to have their little encounters and they communicate via social media. Ashlyn gets used to being in a home with half-siblings, made easier by the fact that any annoyance can be alleviated with a little time spent with Daniel.

Coming to Terms

Soon enough, the time for school comes, and she spends her first day reconciling with the fact that bullying is a ubiquitous force and it’s here just as it was at her last school. Perchance, her schedule falls down and a teacher picks it up.

Stunned and aghast, Ashlyn realizes that the teacher is Daniel. Soon, the two of them have to come to terms that Daniel, a twenty-two-year-old, is her teacher and they continue with their romance. Ashlyn can’t reconcile with the fact that things have gone so sour for her, but how can they be sour if her heart flutters so?

Everything One Could Wish For

The story of Ashlyn and Daniel is a wholly entertaining, drawing, and adorable one. It features heartbreak, losses, pain, rising up, intense passion, and much more. Everything blends wonderfully with everything else. Bravo to Cherry and bravo to us if we’ve piqued your interest with our Mr. Daniels book review. Brittainy C. Cherry’s Elements series is one to pick up next if this book is a satisfying read.

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