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The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie Book Review (2021)

Jennifer Ashley

Authoress Jennifer Ashley is a very amazing figure in today’s writing world. For one, Ashley has lived in many places around the globe and has settled down in the Southwest, at the present moment.

Jennifer utilizes a number of pseudonyms when publishing her works. These include: Laurien Gardner, Allyson James for paranormal romances, and Ashley Gardner for mystery works. Using her birth-name, Jennifer publishes romance novels.

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie Book

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To this day, Jennifer has published more than eighty novels and novellas between all of her pennames. She has won a number of awards, as well. The accolades of Jennifer Ashley include the Golden Quill, the Prism Award, the Rita Award, and many, many others. Accordingly, her works have received translations into a number of different languages.

When Jennifer isn’t engaged in writing another brilliant tale, she likes to read. The hobbies of Jennifer Ashley range from flute-playing, to painting, to building miniature houses, to cooking, and all the way to playing the guitar. Now, having noted all of that we can proceed to our review.

Mackenzies & McBrides Series

The book is believed to be the best and most inventive novel that Jennifer Ashley has written, to date. The read is nothing short of endlessly amusing, engaging, and exceedingly worthwhile. It is the first novel in the Mackenzies & McBrides series of Ashley, which is comprised of eleven main stories and several tie-in novels, too. The book was published in the year of 2009. To learn more about the book, make sure to check out our selection of the best historical romance books.

The titular character Ian Mackenzie is the one that we will follow closely in the novel. Ian was the youngest of his brothers – four, in total – and he is regarded as having a sort of impediment. As it turns out, Ian doesn’t comprehend what feelings are.

Asperger Syndrome

In fact, we see that the young man has Asperger’s, though people aren’t understanding this aspect. Ian understands that it is customary to do some things, but for the life of him, he could never pinpoint the reason behind them.

We learn that Ian was concluded to be an insane person when he was just a child. He was sent away to an asylum and he spent most of his youth there until the Duke, his own brother, saved him years down the line.


As a result of his time in the asylum, Ian is referred to as Mad Mackenzie by the general populous. The particulars of his condition, the fact that he sometimes goes into his fits, and other more specific oddities – which aren’t all that odd – add up together and the people don’t understand what the reasons behind his state might be, so they opt to deem him as a lunatic and be finished with their job.

When looked at in a deeper manner, one can easily see how smart, clever, and intelligent that Mackenzie actually is. He can recall interactions with ease and he is a genuine math whiz, as well. On the outside, Ian is a tall and handsome man whom if the people were more accepting any mother would want as a son-in-law.

Calculating the Odds

It just so happens one day that his math skills, namely the ones pertaining to probability and odds, come into question. He is asked by his acquaintance Mather whether or not his chances with a certain lady, Beth Ackerley, were ones acceptable or not. Ian observes Beth, calculates the odds, and gives the bad news to Mather.

On the other hand, though, Ian himself gets to know Beth and he sees that the lady is candidly a keeper. From their very first interaction, Ian is attracted to Beth and he wants to have her as his wife. That is also why he doesn’t waste much time bending the knee and proposing to her.

A Destined Falling in Love

Beth, herself, is a widowed woman. She was married to a vicar who perished and she received the whole fortune. For what it’s worth, Beth is not exactly on the market for a soul mate or a lover, but just a person to have around and to, in a sense, pass the time.

As the proposal of Ian didn’t seem to be a sensible one to her – she was under the impression that it was not a serious one –, she takes off for Paris. Ian isn’t far behind and follows Beth all the way to Paris.

Entertaining and Endearing

The scenes between the two are very entertaining and endearing. We see that Beth’s idea that she was only looking for a man to not feel lonely is not one that sticks. As she gets to know Ian and see him for what he actually is, she learns of his deepest, darkest secrets, and spends time together, Beth sees that Ian is a more reasonable and forthright person that many she’s known.

Ian is a hero that has been through much. As Beth is faced with the man’s terrible past and the travesties that he endured, we find out the actual reason for his banishment to the asylum and it is one that will rock the reader to his core. The tale of Beth and Ian is one for the ages; we are sure that our The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie book review has piqued the interest of the reader.


The Mackenzies & McBrides series has quite a number of stories to tell if the reader will just devote himself to the brilliant storytelling of Jennifer Ashley.

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