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Maia’s Veil Book Review (2021)

Cloudships of Orion Series

Maia’s Veil is the second book of the Trilogy by Paula E. Downing, called Cloudships of Orion. It follows the events after the first book of the series, Siduri’s Net and it all ends in the last book called Orion’s Dagger.

Paula Downing

Paula Downing has definitely written an interesting story in her series that is filled with exciting adventures that are in a style that is very fun to read. This book review of Maia’s Veil will make sure you know what to expect in the second book of the series as well as from the Trilogy itself.

Maia’s Veil Book

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Siduri’s Net

Following the events of its prequel Siduri’s Net, where you find out about the Cloudship named Siduri’s Net, in this book, the story starts out with this same ship in what seems to be a hopeless crusade of searching for a desperately needed substance, called tritium.

Hopeless Journey

At first, what started out as a hopeless journey that even became dangerous. The Cloudship Siduri’s Net not only survived and came through, it even discovered a new type of super heavy particles that had the potential to become their ultimate source of power that could be used for free space travel and transportation through the galaxy at very fast speeds.

Power Source

They had to return back home in order for the scientists to be able to harness the power of these particles and use them for their will where a surprise was waiting for them.

This is the mere beginning of the story as you might find from this Maia’s Veil book review that the story would revolve around this new power source with limitless potential, but although it does have a part to play in the story yet, as you read on you find out that when they return home, they have a very unsettling surprise waiting for them.

Siduri’s Dance

The surprise is that the Cloudship Siduri’s Net itself and the crew find themselves in a lot of danger upon arriving as they see that the Cloupdship mothership called Siduri’s Dance has done a horrible thing that would prove disastrous for everyone.

Siduri’s Dance had made a terrible deal with a treacherous evil in order to save itself and now the Net and its mothership engage into fierce battle as mortal enemies, from what they used to be referred to as family.

Rom, Greek, and Slav

You meet a few of the characters, Rom, Greek, and Slav who are all now in dangerous times as well and are fighting to survive as they would rather die than be taken into horrible slavery.

From what you can see in our Maia’s Veil book review, hopefully, it describes well what the story is all about as all three of the books are connected and this is just the second one, which means that the story continues in the next book.

Thrilling Adventures

Many more thrilling adventures await the Cloudships and their crews. You can find out for yourself how this one ends and what fate awaits for the heroes of this story. 

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