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The Man Who Loved Mata Hari Book Review (2021)

Dan Sherman

This novel is a romantic thriller written by author Dan Sherman who presents the story of Mata Hari.

Thrilling Life

Mata Hari was a woman also known as Margaretha Zelle who has quite the thrilling life of spending the cashflow of countless lovers until she finds herself in quite the dangerous trap.

The Man Who Loved Mata Hari Book

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Margaretha Zelle

You get to read the story about Margaretha and her adventure through the world in the arms of countless men who just can’t seem to not be attracted to Zelle, in fact, every man she has ever met is instantly attracted to her as there is something about her astonishing beauty that drives men insane and makes them clueless. You get to find out how Mata Hari’s story begins and how it ends in this book review of The Man Who Loved Mata Hari.

Margaretha Zelle is a truly beautiful woman with a very attractive physique who doesn’t have a problem in her adventures as she acquires riches and power through some very wealthy and powerful men that she seduces.

Her story as a powerful seductress begins in Paris when she is working as a model for a pornographic photographer after which she meets a man and important character of the book called Nicholas Gray for whom she also works as a model.

No Lasting Love

Although Zelle has no lasting love for any of the men she manages to seduce, there is something special about Gray that gets revealed later on in the book as he is the only man who truly remains to love Zelle after she blows him off. She continues on from man  to man, running around through Europe and enjoying every second of her existence.

From what you read in this book review of The Man Who Loved Mata Hari, you can probably see that Zelle’s life is definitely an amazing one as she has no worries in life and simply gets anything she desires.

Threatening Revenge

All of that changes as one day, after 10 years of mindless jumping from man to man, she encounters one who doesn’t take her leaving him lightly and plans a life-threatening revenge. A man called Charles Dunbar who she had seduced is devastated by what Zelle has done to him so he uses his skills and becomes a master spy who manages to ruin Zelle’s entire life be sending out two incriminating telegrams.

Nicholas Gray

This act places Zelle in a horrible amount of trouble which is exactly when Nicholas Gray comes into play. We mentioned that he was the man who always truly loved Zelle and never managed to forget her.

Romantic and Thrilling

As you go a step further than this The Man Who Loved Mata Hari book review and read the book for yourself, you find out if Nicholas can truly manage to save Zelle and make her fall in love with him as well. This romantic and thrilling story definitely proves as something worth the read for an audience who fancies these kinds of stories very much.

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