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Manuscript Found In Accra Book Review (2021)

Paulo Coehlo

This philosophical gem by the best-selling author of The Alchemist, Paulo Coehlo, writes another one of his famous historical fiction books that are meant to help people better know themselves and never lose hope for anything in life.


Among the useful lectures that Paulo tries to teach everyone who reads his books, he explains many philosophies as his thinking is among the most inspirational of all. People feel better about themselves after reading Paulo’s books and come out with more knowledge about life. You can find out more about his work in our selection of the best Paulo Coelho books.

Manuscript Found in Accra Book

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Centuries Ago

In this particular book, you read about a story that happens many centuries ago regarding the discussion between a very wise man and a group of people that have gathered to seek comfort as they await their doom. Find out about this and more in our book review of Manuscript Found in Accra.


It is the year 1099 and the people of Jerusalem are terrified as they wait for the army before the city to barge in and raid everything dear to them. As the people from Jerusalem are paranoid and covered in fear, a wise man known only as the Copt uncovers a manuscript that has been in secret for over 700 years that helps him learn amazing secrets of life which he then shares with the people.


He gathers everyone just before they are about to meet the army of crusaders that is in front of the city’s gates and wishes to give these people comfort with what is about to happen. Paulo explains that they ask whatever it is they wish to know and to understand and the Copt will explain. They ask anything regarding their fear as they wish to feel safer and more comfortable at this particular time.

Many questions were asked that day, questions about human everyday struggles, defeat, and fear itself, but as more and more time passes and as the Copt gives truly wonderful and inspiring answers, the people start asking questions that are related to beauty, elegance, life, sex, and joy.

What is Solitude?

For example, we can mention a few of the topics discussed in this amazing piece of philosophy by Coehlo in our Manuscript Found in Accra book review, a woman asks a very curious question about what solitude means and how people can deal with it.

The Copt manages to leave this woman and the people without words as he explains that solitude doesn’t have to be perceived as a very bad thing. He says ”If you are never alone, then you can not truly know yourself, and if you don’t know yourself, then you will start to fear the void.”

Self-Help Book

The book is completely filled with wise words such as these as this man answers questions that are commonly asked even in this age and it is the reason why this book will always be a great self-help book that will inspire people to not succumb to fear. Hopefully, you know what to expect now from what you have seen in this book review of Manuscript Found in Accra.

Michael Englert
Michael Englert
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