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Mao: The Unknown Story Book Review (2021)

Very Real Story

This book is the biography of one of the most ruthless men in history who managed to cause so much death in his journey of trying to dominate the world. You probably hear most about these types of stories in movies but this story is very real and his quest was no joke given that Mao managed to cause the deaths of over 38 million people.

Jung Chang and Jon Halliday

This historical nonfiction tale that involves a lot of politics and the culture of China is brought to you by authors Jung Chang and Jon Halliday and you get to see a brief description of what to expect as you dive into the book from this Mao: The Unknown Story book review. You can also find this book in our selection of the best Chinese Civil Was books.

Mao: The Unknown Story Book

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Decade of Research

An interesting fact about this biography is that the authors actually spent almost a decade researching about what truly happened, they did hundreds of interview of people who were closest to this man.

They talked with people who were too afraid to speak what they knew when this man was alive and with others outside of China who had even the slightest dealings with this ruthless Chinese Communist leader. Author Chang herself even lived in the time of this Cultural Revolution which she talks all about in one of her previous books called Wild Swans.

Personal Interests

The authors, like many people, were strongly against what this man was doing and what he called ruling. They describe him as the furthest thing from a leader as every decision he had ever made was not for the people, but for his own personal interests and gaining as much power as he could.

He managed to achieve these things, not through hard work or caring for everyone, but through manipulation, deceit, and countless things that threw his morals out of the window.

Long March

Other things that the authors clear up in this biography are events like the Long March which they say was a lot more exaggerated than what really happened. They argue that it was not exactly the courageous effort that was told to everyone and that the secret behind this is actually much less attractive.

More horrible truths about this ruthless man are revealed in Mao: The Unknown book. Another one of those truths is the fact about the areas that were controlled by the Communists like the Jiangxi and Yan’an.

Getting Rid of Rivals

They were actually ruled through terror and financed by opium and that is not the safe and harmless story that it was told to everyone else. Mao even sacrifices thousands of troops, just like that, and all for just making sure that he gets rid of party rivals.

The stories about how terrible and monstrous this man was before his death that everyone was afraid to tell just keep popping up now as mainly everything that you find out about Mao is something truly terrible.

No Initiative

Facts like him not taking any initiative when Japanese invaders arrived just add to his horrible reputation. Another devastating thing about this so-called leader is the fact that despite he was born as a wealthy peasant, after becoming ruler he does absolutely nothing to aid and help the Chinese peasantry.

Hopefully, you can see what you will expect to read about the life of this horrible man from this Mao: The Unknown Story book review, a book that was written by the hard work of these authors who researched patiently for 10 years.

Michael Englert
Michael Englert
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