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Mastering the Business of Writing Book Review (2021)

Richard Curtis

It’s definitely a wise choice to take advice about writing and how to handle the problems that come with publishing your work from a man such as Richard Curtis.

He is the author of this brilliant masterpiece and the many priceless tips it holds within as you will find all about in our book review of Mastering the Business of Writing.

Mastering the Business of Writing Book

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Perfect Teacher

Richard would be the perfect person to teach about these things as he is the writer of many popular films and TV Series such as the hit TV show Mr. Bean, Blackadder, and more. On top of that, Richard has received the highest award given to a filmmaker from the British Film Academy, the BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award. If you are interested in his work, you might want to take a look at our selection of the best Richard Curtis books.

Valuable Information

In this amazing piece of content, Richard gives valuable information regarding the business of writing and everything that comes along with it. Not to be misunderstood, this is not a guide on just how to write amazing content.

Richard has managed to cover almost every aspect of what it takes to become a professional writer. It’s one thing to write amazing content, but it’s a whole different world where you have to take care of mind-boggling problems regarding publishing and legal endeavors.

It Won’t Get Much Better

You couldn’t wish for a better book on this topic as Curtis teaches you many different and interesting ways how to approach various markets as well as your desired one.

After that, the next important thing he wants you to know is how to negotiate a contract that benefits both you and other parties so that everyone can get what they want or be super close to it.

Legal Side of Business

Let’s not forget that knowing how to handle the legal side of any business is definitely a crucial thing that can come back to haunt you later if not done properly. So, for that matter, Richard devotes part of the story to explain some legal facts in this industry that could, and definitely will save you a lot of headaches.

This is far from being everything that this book offers as Richard makes sure you are completely ready to take on the writing industry and make sure you make it.

Understanding Technicalities

Tips and tricks are all around this book to help you understand important things such as how to write the perfect proposals that have the highest chance of making a sale and convincing publishers, what to focus on that publishers are really looking for in books at a certain time, as well as understanding the technicalities of doing various kinds of book deals, contracts, and understanding the everyone’s rights.


We have found in our Mastering the Business of Writing book review that you truly can’t ask for a better guide than this to learn the ways of becoming a professional writer. From priceless information about writing to valuable tips and tricks in every aspect that is involved in the road ahead, this book by Richard Curtis has it all.

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