Meds Book Review (2020)

Meds is a novel by the author Ray Garton. Ray is popular for his horror novels Live Girls, The Folks and Crucifax. On top of writing brilliant horror novels, Ray also writes amazing thrillers such as Trade Secrets and Shackled. Check out our selection of the best Ray Garton books for more of his amazing works!

If you wish to see even more work by Ray Garton, he has countless short stories that are simply amazing. In this book review of Meds, you get to find out what kind of story by Ray Garton this is and what is happening inside it.

Meds Book

Meds is a thriller novel that is actually more relating than you might think. It has something to do with a few people that all have one thing in common and that thing is making them do very unpredictable and dangerous things.

For example, in the story of Meds and in our book review of Meds, you get to see some events like a woman and her toddler, walking on the street and suddenly, out of nowhere, get attacked by a man in a business suit. They have no idea who this man is and do not recall ever being into contact with him, so what was the motive for this?

Another similar event is one of a guy who is sitting in his truck, waiting for his wife to be done with shopping when again, without any reason, out of nowhere, he decides to take his shotgun and go on a killing spree in the mall. A pretty unusual series of events, huh?

Another event like these you read about in Meds is that of a woman who was just quietly waiting to see her doctor just outside his office when the same story takes place, suddenly and without any reason, she takes a knife out of her purse and just starts stabbing random people for no apparent reason whatsoever.

If you find that this story is already weird, well, it gets weirder as you will see in this Meds book review. As you read, you find out that all of these people who are committing violent crimes uncontrollably have one thing in common.

They all take the same medication from the same psychiatrist. You will surely be excited to find out more about this mysterious psychiatrist as you read along, but first, you meet one more character in this story that is about to suffer the same fate.

Meet Eli Dunbar. He somehow discovers that he is taking the same drugs from the same psychiatrist and becomes very afraid. His moment hasn’t come yet, but Eli definitely feels like a ticking time bomb and is wondering when his violent behavior will come and will he hurt any innocent people.

The story only gets more thrilling and interesting from here as you get to find out what action Eli takes to prevent what is to come and how the book ends. Hopefully, you find the story exciting from what you see in this book review of Meds by Ray Garton and you will give it a chance if you enjoy thriller novels.


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