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The Monster War Book Review (2021) – A Tale of the Kings’ Blades

Dave Duncan

This book is the story that fills a gap in the first Blades novel and is linked to the story in the three books from author Dave Duncan’s trilogy called The King’s Daggers. The Trilogy by Dave contains the books Sir Stalwart, The Crooked House, and Silvercloak.

The King’s Daggers Series

This story is linked with the plot from all three books and definitely works well as a single book too as it is written in a manner that talks about the events from the other stories but is also clear enough that a reader who is unfamiliar with the series will understand everything and have a good time reading this novel.

The Monster War: A Tale of the Kings’ Blades Book

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We also covered other books by Duncan, take a look at The Great Game book series review. Don’t worry, we will make sure you know what you are getting into before starting the book itself with our book review of The Monster War: A Tale of the Kings’ Blades. If you are interested in this book, you might want to take a look at our selection of the best Dave Duncan books!

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Highly Skilled Warriors

This is a story about the Blades, highly skilled warriors who if they finish their training become the sworn protectors and bodyguards of the King. It is among the highest honors one can receive and the warriors start usually at a young age, most of them are orphans, troublemakers, and runaways who are brought to be trained or simply find their own way to Ironhall in Starkmore, the place where the long years of training take place and from where these highly skilled protectors emerge.

Test of Loyalty

The lives of these warriors are not easy after completing the training as they must pass one last and difficult test. The king himself or a ward of his choosing has to stab the ones yet to become Blades through the heart. This is a true test of loyalty and will if the Blade is true to his oath, the wound immediately disappears and he is fine, but if he is not true to his oath, then he dies on the spot.

Magical and Dangerous Adventures

So far you have found out how the lives of these warriors begin from our The Monster War book review, now you get to see what goes on next in this thrilling story. In these three books that you get to read, you see some pretty interesting things and magical and dangerous adventures that will have you reading for hours.

Unique Characters

You get to meet many wondrous and unique characters throughout the Trilogy such as Ambrose, Blades Durendal, Bandit, Snake, and many more. You also get to meet some for the very first time in one of the books like Sir Stalwart.

Emerald of the White Sisters

A blade who is the only one who does not have a binding scar, now there is a mystery behind that, an even more fascinating character, a girl named Emerald of the White Sisters who is the only female to ever be accepted into Ironhall. We recommend other amazing books written by this talented author, check out our reviews of Lord of the Fire Lands book and Magic Casement book.

Amazing Time

All of the magical events and adventures that take place throughout the books simply cannot be explained into one book review of The Monster War as there is simply too much going on. But, know that you will surely have an amazing time reading the books if you are a fan of exciting fantasy genres like this.

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