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Mortality Bridge Book Review (2021)

Steve R. Boyett

Steve R. Boyett, the author of this fascinating novel, has done it again and managed to write another one of his stories that describe some unique individual’s life in a very passionate manner.

On top of being a brilliant author who has written popular novels such as Ariel, Elegy Beach, Fata Morgana, and more, Steve R. Boyett is also a known DJ who has played at awesome stages and festivals like Burning Man and at popular sporting events.

Mortality Bridge Book

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Another Fascinating Story

This man just keeps surprising in this world as he has also been a professional martial arts instructor who knows the ways of kicking butt. In this book review of Mortality Bridge, you read about another one of Steve’s fascinating stories, this time about a young musician who has made a really bad choice in life.

Young Musician

This novel tells the story of a young rock and blues guitarist which is also something that is actually pretty common in this profession, and this as a junkie. Niko, the junkie guitarist, had wished so badly to become a music legend, one that would make history with his music and be known and appreciated by so many.

Signed in Blood

So, luckily for him, Steve has offered him in the book what seemed at that time for him, a perfect opportunity. Niko signed an agreement that was sealed with blood that was promised to, and indeed it did, make him a true musical legend. But, unfortunately for him, all wasn’t as it seemed.

Not Looking Good

Here comes the first twist in the book itself and in this Mortality Bridge book review. Niko finds out that as a result of this blood agreement, the love of his life had grown very ill and it wasn’t looking like she was going to make it.

Niko realizes that he is actually losing more than he bargained for in the agreement and it actually wasn’t even part of the deal, he was played. So, Steve decides to send Niko on a journey to find a way to fix all that he has bargained away.

Long Journey

His journey takes him through a lot of different places, from the streets of Los Angeles through the downtown subway tunnels and across the red-lit plain of the most vividly realized Hell since Dante. His quest leads him to play a gig that would decide the fate of his life and whether he would win back his loved one’s lost soul.

Hopefully, you find the clarity that you have been looking for about what this book by Steve R. Boyett is all about in our book review of Mortality Bridge and that you find it also fascinating.

Exciting Story

The story inside is an exciting one, as well as thrilling and suspenseful. The character Niko is going to face some pretty rough times as well as the play gig of his life which will decide the outcome of so much around him.

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