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Moving Mars Book Review (2021)

Greg Bear

We are in a time that is closer than ever of going to the red planet Mars. Our desire to colonize this planet has risen many writers to unleash their imagination of what a world where humans started living on Mars would be like.

Greg Bear is one of those authors who has done a very unique and brilliant job of writing a story relating to that desire. We have to mention that our selection of the best Greg Bear books is also worth checking out.

Moving Mars Book

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Queen of Angels Series

This book review of Moving Mars is about the third book in Queen of Angels book series by Greg called and it tells you the story of this amazing science fiction novel. If you want to read more about another book of the series, check out our review of Queen of Angels book.

Nebula Award Winner

This lengthy novel by Greg has managed to win him another Nebula Award as well as a few nominations for other awards thanks to the fantastic story hidden inside those 400+ pages. Moving mars is a story about a planetary wide liberation movement. The reason for this movement on Mars is because the whole planet is colonized by humans, but every policy and rules are set and governed by the humans from Earth.


The generations that are born on Mars are called Martians and they as well as everyone else are very hardworking citizens who follow the rules even though they don’t like many of them. On top of that, the colonies on Mars are denied the best education resources and the benefits from the newest and most advanced inventions in the tech area.

Now, these Martians that we mentioned, the second and third generations from Mars, they aren’t that loyal to Earth and have a strong belief that their home planet can actually be independent of Earth and be able to function just as well, even better maybe, on its own.

Casseia Majumdar

So far we have covered the beginning of the story in this book review of Moving Mars, but there is so much more that happens. A revolution eventually starts that spans for decades, growing politically and in every other way, eventually becoming irresistible. The whole story is written and told through the eyes of one of the most unique characters in the novel, Casseia Majumdar.

Casseia is the daughter of one of the oldest Binding Multiples of Mars and she will guide you through this amazing adventure of the revolution for making Mars an independent planet. The struggle is definitely real which you will find all about from the book itself as well as from this book review of Moving Mars.

Greg Delivers Again

Greg never disappoints with the scientific part of his novels as he mentions a lot of details regarding that area for the true fans of science fiction as well as fills the story with exciting adventures, thrilling revelations, and extraordinary goals. We wrote more about another book of the series. Check out our review of Slant book.

Fairly Long Novel

As we mentioned, the book is quite a lengthy one which makes it impossible to cover everything in one Moving Mars book review, but it’s surely enough to introduce you to the story in general and to explain what is happening in another one of Greg’s fantastic worlds full of memorable characters.

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