Mr. Perfect Book Review (2020)

Linda S. Howington was born on the 3rd of August, 1950, in Alabama, United States of America. Linda is a prominent American writer, whose works primarily fall under the romantic suspense subgenre. Linda utilizes a pseudonym when she writes, though, and this pseudonym is Linda Howard. In 2005, Linda was awarded the Career Achievement Award from the Romance Writers of America. We even included this amazing book in our selection of the best romance thriller books. Check it out!

How Long Has Linda Been Writing For?

As far as Linda can remember, she started out writing at the age of nine. For the following two decades, all of the writing that Linda produced was for her own eyes to marvel at. Linda took a job at a company for trucking. While working there, Linda met her to be spouse Gary F. Howington.

In the year of 1980 was Linda’s first attempt at publishing a novel. She had been writing for twenty-one years before publishing, and her debut was a smash hit. It was published by Silhouette in 1982.

What Does Linda’s Husband Do?

Gary, himself, works as a bass tournament fisherman. The family resides in Gadsden, Alabama, where they live with 2 golden retrievers. They have had 3 stepchildren and 3 grandchildren. Gary and Linda, when they aren’t going about their professional lives, raise cattle. With all of that noted, we can now give our book review.

Mr. Perfect Book

This is correctly considered to be one of Linda Howard’s most beloved stories. It is viewed widely as the quintessential Linda Howard novel and we can’t do anything but concur. Mr. Perfect is a standalone novel, published in the year of 2000.

The main character is Jaine Bright. Jaine Bright was actually born as Janine Bright, though the first n was excluded by fate or, more reasonably, by mistake. Jaine purchased a home very recently. Jaine’s siblings are, at the moment, irritated and peeved by Jaine since she got to keep the family cat and the car of her father because the parents were on vacation.

Jaine is undeterred by any of that, though, and goes about her life as she finds suitable. Why focus on what her siblings don’t like right now, when she can judge the boring, less than stylish, seemingly alcoholic neighbor living next door? Soon enough, though, Jaine discovers that Sam isn’t a drunk, but on the police task force.

Starting off on the Wrong Foot

Their first encounter is when Jaine backs up into the trash can of Sam. The two of them hit it off from the start: by hit it off, we mean that they exchange entertaining, humorous banter and funny quips all the time from then on. Sam is intriguing and he likes sneaking up on Jaine as if he’s a ghost walking about through walls and such.

Jaine, on the other hand, has no zipper on her mouth and her tirades are as unfiltered as French press coffee. Their attraction is hardly a secret, but it is a very engaging point when we see them insult each other while still maintaining that passion about them together.

What Does Jaine Do in Her Spare Time?

When Jaine isn’t concentrated on verbally sparring with Sam, the neighbor cop, she is out with her friends. One such night, a Friday night, after all, she is out with them after work hours have passed.

The four of them are having dinner when one of them has the bright idea to make a list of what they would like their respective Mr. Perfect to be like. They all like the idea and make their own lists. It is not long, though, that all of their colleagues at their job have heard of the list.

The female colleagues can’t concur more with the fictitious Mr. Perfect, while the male ones are less than in agreement with the list.

Their little game with creating Mister Perfect and the list takes on an even darker mantle when one of the four, Marci, winds up killed. The murder is nothing short of absolutely gruesome and appalling. It soon becomes a fact that their fun, little game has attracted someone or something very, very sinister.

So far as Jaine and Sam are concerned, their little flirtatious banter and attraction keeps moving in the right direction. Jaine might have given up on guys when she was twenty-three following three less than successful attempts at being engaged, but Sam and his kisses just melt her completely.

Scared for One’s Life

With time, the mystery about the murder has only thickened and three of the original four are more than just a bit startled. It doesn’t take long for another of them to fall prey to the murderer and now they are at their wit’s end. Jaine has no one to turn to except for Sam and their own romance gains an even deeper nuance.

She feels safe in his arms, his embrace, and with him. For all her sassiness and for all of Sam’s confidence, together they are just adorable. What began as a silent judging of a man’s bloodshot eyes, less than stellar appearance, and clunky sounding car, has become a romance that warms our hearts. What Sam and Jaine have to do is keep their hearts warm before the murderer gets his way and another corpse goes cold.

If our book review of Mr. Perfect has intrigued the reader, then a few other Linda Howard novels are: Open Season, Dying to Please, and After the Night.


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