Murder Was My Alibi Book Review (2020)

Ray Garton is the author of this book and he is known for his thriller novels that always have the most unimaginable twists and suspenseful stories.

This novel is another thrilling mystery story by Ray that will probably have you reading it in one sitting as it is not extremely long and still has enough content in there to make a very exciting and well thought out story.

Stick around in this book review of Murder Was My Alibi if you want to find out what to expect from another one of Ray’s popular thriller novels.

The main character that you get to read about throughout the whole story here is a private investigator called Myron Foote. Although he was a respected investigator once, Myron decided to drown in alcohol during those better days of his life and is now paying the consequences as he is barely finding any jobs  at this time in his life and the ones he does find are only depressing and boring divorce cases.

Most of his day is filled with him sitting in his trashy office just rotting away until one day when everything changes for this private detective who had been looking for more action and more money for a while now.

All of that change starts when a beautiful and stunning woman walks in his office to offer him a case. A case for which she would pay him an astonishing amount of money, 105.000 dollars to be exact.

Myron is not a total fool as he is well aware that this is a lot of money for a very simple job that you will find out about very soon in this book review of Murder Was My Alibi. Aside from all of that he really needed the money, so Myron accepts this job just before he loses all hope. All that this woman required him to do is to pose as her uncle.

You see now that it is a lot of money for a super simple job, but little did Myron know that this Cynthia Thacketer woman was not telling him nearly enough about her situation and what he is getting himself into, that’s probably why she is offering him so much money, to not ask questions.

Very quickly after the job starts, Myron gets to see the dark path that this new job of his has started getting him into. From what you read in this short Murder Was My Alibi book review, you can see that some pretty exciting pages await you in this thrilling mystery by Ray Garton as Myron gets himself into a lot of dangerous situations filled with murder, blackmail, and secrets.

Very soon after witnessing all of this madness, Myron starts to wonder if all of this cash is worth the trouble and if he would actually get out of everything that is happening alive. Interesting things indeed to find out in the book itself.