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My Life Next Door Book Review (2021)

Huntley Fitzpatrick

Huntley Fitzpatrick is an amazing writer, through and through. The particulars about the authoress’ birth date aren’t to be found on the Internet, but alas we can do with what we have. Fitzpatrick is an American novelist whose works are done in the Young Adult genre, most notably.

Life and Education

Fitzpatrick was born and grew up in a small coastal town situated in Connecticut, the United States of America. Even since the youngest of ages, Huntley had desires and aspirations for becoming an author. She attended Concord Academy which is located in Concord, Massachusetts. Huntley graduated in 1981, but then went on to enroll at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

My Life Next Door Book

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Following graduation from Yale University, Huntley began working in academic publishing as an editor and teen titles editor at the publisher Harlequin. However, Fitzpatrick soon wanted to make her dreams of becoming a novelist true, so she devoted herself completely to becoming a Young Adult novel writer.

At the present moment, Huntley Fitzpatrick is represented by agent Christina Hogrebe of the Jane Rotrosen Agency. Huntley resides in Massachusetts along with her spouse. The couple has had 6 kids, as of yet. With all of that noted, we can now give our book review.

Debut Novel

This book is oftentimes brought up when the best novels of Huntley Fitzpatrick are being discussed and one can easily see why. It was the debut novel of Huntley and it stands today as a brilliant novel. It is a standalone novel that was published in the year of 2012.

The main character is none other than Samantha Reed. While the novel begins as what one might have come to expect of a coming of age novel, it soon moves perfectly into a brilliantly-paced contemporary story.

Dynamics Between Characters

The dynamic between the members of the individual families and even between each other along with the dynamic in the relationships surely carry the torch of the novel and make for it to be as gripping as it is. Throughout all of the things that occur, the reader’s absorption into the story doesn’t want for a single moment. This speaks volumes about the novel’s potency. As noted above, the protagonist of the story is Samantha.

Samantha’s life seems to be wholly perfect. When looked at from the exterior, one can’t come to any other conclusion. For one, Samantha attends a private school, her grades are always superb, and her mom, Grace, is a state senator. If one were not to pay attention to the interior of the family and its implicit relationships, then the Reeds probably come to be as perfect a family as any can hope to be.

Between the Walls of the Home

On the other hand, the first neighbors of the Reeds are the Garretts. The Garretts don’t seem to be a perfect family when one takes a sidelong look at them, but in the limits of their home, they are a genuinely wonderful family.

The Garretts moved into the neighborhood about a decade ago. They are a family of ten and they can be quite noisy, disordered, and even a nuisance at times. The parents are pretty young themselves, but the children range from one that’s just a year old to a twenty-year-old.


As such, they are pretty much the opposite of what Samantha, mother Grace, and sister Tracey aren’t. The children, themselves, are genuinely endearing, fun to read about, and one can’t help but feel warm when their antics are afoot. Jase, the third eldest child of the Garrett’s walks into the life of Samantha and with him he brings change, a change for much the better.

Jase, himself, is a genuinely gentle, sweet, sensible, attractive, and kindhearted person. Really if one were to be trying to find the flaws in him, one would find himself quickly dumbfounded and bewildered at the lack.

A Whirlwind of Emotions

As Jase and Samantha hang out more and more often, she is timidly scared to leave the comfort zone she frequents so. However, she can’t let her feelings just waste away and she takes a chance. She gets to meet the little ones in the Garret family and they are each just as sweet and adorable as anyone could ever want them to be.

The two of them, Jase and Samantha, fall head over heels for each other, and Jase’s family are of course happy for them and they much like having Samantha at their home. As it happens, things couldn’t be better, could they?

Collision Course

They couldn’t, but they are on a collision course with something that will efface the joy. Something wholly unexpected not because the two weren’t careful or wary of things that could happen, but because it is something that could not have exactly been anticipated.

As they are pulled apart, Samantha can’t reconcile with which family she is to side. Who is to help her right now? Couldn’t’ one say that it is high time that Samantha helped herself and stood her ground?

The Truth Behind

As the story develops, we see the truth behind both family’s dynamics, intrarelationships, and how they work as families. Without a shadow of a doubt, the story is one that touches the soul quite unlike any other. Our book review of My Life Next Door cannot say enough pleasant words.

And There’s More

For more similar book, you can take a look at our review of the best summer romance books. What I Thought Was True is our number one recommendation for further exploration into the writing of Huntley Fitzpatrick. It is a close second, in our opinion, to My Life Next Door.

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