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Night Huntress Book Series Review (2021)

Night Huntress

Night Huntress is a fantasy book series that is written by author Jeanine Frost and the series first started in 2007.

Catherine Crawfield

The story focuses on a half-vampire character named Catherine Crawfield who is fueled by vengeance as she starts her adventures chasing after the undead with the hopes of finding her deadbeat father, the one who managed to ruin hers and her mother’s lives.

Night Huntress Book Series

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Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Halfway to the Grave 8.92/10 358 Pages Check Price On Amazon
One Foot in the Grave 9.22/10 357 Pages Check Price On Amazon
At Grave's End 9.24/10 342 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Destined for an Early Grave 9.26/10 355 Pages Check Price On Amazon
This Side of the Grave 9.14/10 357 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
One Grave at a Time 9.08/10 358 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Up from the Grave 9.16/10 372 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Halfway to the Grave



That’s how the story of the first book begins, Halfway to the Grave, as during those series of events, Catherine manages to get herself captured by a vampire bounty hunter called Bones. This character then manages to change a big part of Catherine’s point of few for vampires.

Good Vampires

She is first forced into an uncomfortable partnership that makes her train and fight the bounty hunter in exchange for help with finding her father. After a while, Bones convinces Catherine that being undead doesn’t actually mean that they are all evil and she wonders if there truly are other good vampires out there.

Growing Relationship

The romance also starts appearing pretty soon as they are both being chased by a band of killers which forces them to temporarily abandon their current mission in order to survive. Their relationship grows and the excitement grows from there as well.

One Foot in the Grave



A lot has happened in the short stories between the first book and the second one, One Foot in the Grave. This book series review of Night Huntress tells you that Bones is now her sexy ex-boyfriend and that she is still using every skill that he taught her.

She is now working as a Special Agent for the government as she makes sure to rid the world of the evil undead. We included the series in our selection of the best vampire book series ever. Check it out!


Things are stable at the start, but Catherine is soon targeted for assassination and her life quickly becomes destroyed as she does anything to stay alive. Knowing that she can’t escape from this threat alone, she wishes that the man she left behind, Bones, was here with her again. Catherine manages to put her issues with Bones aside and still asks for his help again and tries to keep things strictly professional at the start.

Close Again

You can probably tell if you read the first book and you know what kind of story this is that no matter how hard Catherine tries to stay professional, the passion and desire still manage to bring them very close again. This time, Bones will make sure to not let her slip away like last time.

The danger and the romance in this second novel of the series are definitely going to leave you wanting more, and fortunately, there are still plenty of books left to read. However, if it is still not enough, you can check out our list of the best vampire romance books for adults!

At Grave’s End


Peace and Love

At Grave’s End is the title of the third book and this one starts out pretty nicely, Catherine is having the best time of her life and enjoying the peace with her lover Bones. These times last very shortly as danger manages to find Catherine once more.

This time, her hard work of trying to keep her identity as the one who is killing most of the evil around a secret is not enough as the brazen bloodsuckers manage to look past her disguises and discover who she truly is. This leads to her never being safe and always on the run.


Her lover, Bones, is also not very safe as at the same time, he faces his own dangers from his own past which involve a woman who is determined to destroy him once and for all. Both of these characters now face life-threatening situations that will determine whether they survive or finally meet their dooms.

The events that are coming are too important for us to spoil in this book series review of Night Huntress so you get to keep the excitement of finding out what happens next in the novel.

Bad Blood

One more thing that we can mention about this event is that Catherine will finally learn how powerful bad blood can be and the skills she learned as a Special Agent will definitely not be enough for the fight that is about to come. She will finally have to embrace her full vampire powers if she is to overcome the struggles ahead.

Destined for an Early Grave


6 Years Later

We are approaching the middle of the book series as you find out a bit about the events that take place in Destined for an Early Grave. In this volume of the series, six whole years have passed since Catherine Crawfield met the love of her life, Bones.

You know what they have gone through in those 6 years from the books themselves or from this book series review of Night Huntress and now they are finally ready to go on vacation and escape all of the action and madness in their daily lifestyles.

Perfect Getaway

They plan the perfect getaway in Paris but soon discover that even their vacation can’t be without action and danger. Catherine wakes up one night screaming in terror. She explains that she saw a vision in her dreams of a powerful vampire, more powerful than her and Bones. His name is Gregor and he is somehow tied with Catherine’s past and she never knew about such a vampire until that night.

The problems that are about to come are super personal to the main characters as Gregor’s intentions are to make Catherine his as he believes that no one else should have her, you can imagine how this would affect her and Bones, her loved one.

Epic Battle

An awesome battle is approaching for the readers between this terrible vampire who haunts her dreams and her current lover who is determined to win. Catherine will have the true power that is needed to beat this truly powerful bloodsucker and she is going to have to go through something extremely hard in order to summon that power.

If you enjoy romance books with a lot of thrill, especially with vampires, then the books in this series are definitely for you, and be sure to check them out if you enjoyed what you saw in this Night Huntress book series review.

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