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Nine Coaches Waiting Book Review (2021)

Mary Stewart

Mary Florence Elinor Rainbow was born on the 17th of September, 1916, in Sunderland, County Durham, England, United Kingdom. Mary Florence Elinor Rainbow was familiar in the word of writing as Mary, Lady Stewart.

Mary was a prominent and well-known British authoress whose works in the romantic mystery genre are not to be understated. If you are a fan of this genre, you might want to read our article about the best mystery romance books that includes this amazing book as well. Additionally, Mary wrote some poetry, children’s novels, and fantasy, too.

Nine Coaches Waiting Book

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As we noted, Mary was born and raised in Sunderland, County Durham. Her father was Frederick Albert Rainbow, who worked as a vicar, and mother Mary Edith Matthews. Mary attended the Durham University and finished with first-class honors in the subject of English.

In 1941, Mary acquired her Master’s Degree, as well. As the 2nd World War waged on, Mary took a wide variety of jobs, like teaching, and lecturing. Soon, though, she met Frederick Stewart, whom she would marry in 1945. Unfortunately, when Mary was thirty-years-old, she had an ectopic pregnancy and could not bear children, at all.

Education and Career

Ten years later, Frederick and Mary moved to Edinburgh, where Frederick would become the chairman of the Geology Department at the University of Edinburgh. In the meanwhile, Mary devoted herself to writing, with her Madam, Will You Talk? being an instant success.

Her subsequent works would receive praise, as well. Frederick was knighted and with this Mary became Mary, Lady Stewart. She, herself, didn’t utilize the title. Frederick passed away in 2001. Mary spent time in Edinburgh, then in Loch Awe. On the 9th of May, 2014, Mary, Lady Stewart passed away. In honor of Mary’s brilliant oeuvre, we will give our book review.

Standalone Novel

This book is a brilliant novel from Mary, Lady Stewart. Its worth surmounts most novels in the genres that it belongs to. It is an entrancing, engaging, and exceedingly entertaining read. It is a standalone novel and it was published in the year of 1958.

The main character of Nine Coaches Waiting book is none other than Linda Martin. The father of Linda was an Englishman, while her mom was a French lady. With this, the dynamic at home was one that enabled Linda to learn both English and French; Linda was brought up to regard both of the languages as her mother tongues.

French Post

Years soon came by and whisked her parents away. Linda spent about seven years residing in an orphanage. Now, Linda is a governess and is sent away to a French post. Her duty is to teach a boy how to speak English.

The job description mentioned explicitly that the governess isn’t to speak French, but Linda can speak English perfectly so she applied. However, she has to be very cautious and see that her French doesn’t come out without her attention.

Eyes on the Prize

The nine-year-old Philippe de Valmy is the heir of the family’s fortune and his governess is Linda Martin. Philippe resides in a secluded chateau in the Eastern France mountains. The chateau might be isolated, but gosh is it beautiful. Philippe is quite like Linda an orphaned child, and he is taken care of by his uncle and aunt.

Many a situation arise with the family members speaking French and Linda turning a blind eye as they aren’t aware of her French heritage. At one point Linda even indulges in laughing as she feigns her inability to speak the schoolgirl variant of French. On the topic of little Philippe, though, he isn’t an easy child to get through to, but if anyone can do it, then Linda is certainly the one for the job.

Series of Accidents

In spite of the wall that the child had set up for himself, Linda still grew closer to him. Philippe much fancies the company of Linda and she likes him very much, too. Everything is seemingly going fine and dandy when a series of accidents occur. The accidents seem to point to an attempt to slay the child, but who would devise such a dastardly and fiendish plot?

On the other hand, though, a lot of people would find their positions beneficial and would stand to inherit a lot of money if Philippe were to be taken out of the picture. Just a few of them are Leon de Valmy, the uncle, and his wife: they receive everything in the event of Philippe’s untimely death; the servants of Leon; and Leon’s own son Raoul.

A Flower Among the Wild Growth

Raoul might not be as bad as the others, though. As Linda frequents the home, she and Raoul cross paths often. Each time that they do have an interaction or encounter, both of them sense the attraction between them.

Raoul is as mighty a man as they come, though. In true 1950s fashion, he is a confident, attractive man who touches Linda’s heart like no one before. However, on the inside of Raoul, he isn’t as mighty. He has a reason to keep his guard up at all times, but how when Linda touches him so?

Giving it a Chance

Linda, on the other hand, is afraid that their story will end with her broken… But, she will be damned if she doesn’t at least give it a chance. All the while, she has to keep Philippe safe and uncover the plot behind the incidents.

Genuinely, the novel is a lovable, enjoyable read that doesn’t leave the reader without a sense of pleasantness. Through and through, as one can be sure based on our Nine Coaches Waiting book review, the novel is one that we love to read and reread.


The Arthurian Saga series by Mary, Lady Stewart is certainly one of her best works. We cannot recommend it enough.

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