3 Best Norman Bogner Books (2020)

Norman Bogner Best Books Bio

Norman Bogner was born on the 13th of November, 1935, in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America. Norman is an American novelist, with his book To Die in Provence being his most well-known work. Norman’s parents were Manny Bogner and Rose Schwartz.

They both worked with Rose owning a store for female clothing, while Manny owned a small chain of such shops. Norman grew up in Brooklyn, but his parents decided to have a divorce in 1942.

Personal Life

Seeing as his mother had to work for a living in the store, she was missing from the greater part of Norman’s days, so he was left mostly to himself. Norman took to reading and speaking about sports with his friends, but also went around museums, exploring the city, and such. As divorce wasn’t as common during that time, Bogner and his mother weren’t looked at with a kind eye by the public. Bogner had issues with bullies in school and the neighborhood.

Rose, however, eventually remarried. Norman’s stepfather was Moe Friedman. Moe was a bookmaker, a dashing one. Additionally, Moe dabbled with gambling. Norman met a wide range of people as a result, from businessmen to con artists, to gangsters. In the words of Norman, this experience helped him greatly in his writing career.

Now, with that covered, we can take a look at what the best Norman Bogner books are.

Best Norman Bogner Books

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
To Die in Provence 7.98/10 382 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Snowman 7.66/10 221 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Seventh Avenue 7.52/10 444 Pages Check Price On Amazon

To Die in Provence


To Die in Provence by Bogner was published in 1998. We’ll get in right in with our review, as the story is a special one. Our protagonist is Jennifer Bowen. Jennifer is a professor of art history.

Fresh Job

However, she just landed a job for Adam Gold – Adam is amongst the most accomplished TV producers in the US. She is supposed to keep an eye on Adam’s spoiled 19-year-old daughter, Maddie. Maddie studies French in Aix- en-Provence.

Commander Michell Danton is the chief investigator of the SCS – Special Circumstances Section – of the Judicial Police. Michel is only called on the most horrifying, problematic homicides. His parents own the Chez Danton, which is a very loved restaurant in Aix-en-Provence.

Grisly Murders

At the moment, Michel is on sick leave, as he’d been shot recently, while his significant other Yvette, working as a crime reporter, left him for Detective Paul Corbel. Paul is currently working on a double homicide that piqued Michel’s interest. The murders are quite grisly: a beheading, rape and a strangulation.

The perp is none other than serial killer Darrell Vernon Boynton, called Boy. Boy’s college girlfriend is, you guessed it, Maddie Gold. In fact, Maddie is an occasional associate to Boy’s murderous tendencies. Her procuress, Louise, meets her end at the hands – and curling iron – of Maddie and Boy.

As enticing a read as any well-crafted thriller, To Die in Provence is a gruesome tale of murder and deceit. Rightfully among Norman Bogner’s best books.



Norman Bogner’ Snowman was written more than forty years ago now, in 1978. The book is, by all accounts, a creature feature. The 1978 horror book is, when looked with an attentive and scrupulous eye, an adventure story with heavy elements from the horror genre.

Himalayan Yeti

In brief, we see the Himalayan Yeti making its descent down the Sierra mountains in California, USA. It’s found a brand-new ski resort, and just luckily for the Yeti, there are quite a few people willing to service its need for food.

Soon, however, seeing as they’re not getting much out of being slaughtered at the frosty hands of the Snowman, the humans plan to rebel. Enter: a group of mercenaries, ones with experience with the damned icy beast.

Daniel Bradford

This group of mercenaries is led by the great Daniel Bradford. Daniel is a survivor from the Yeti’s attack – or dining – of 1966. However, Bradford is an outcast, hailed as a coward: people think that the tragic deaths came by Bradford’s cowardly, negligent hand, not just the glacial demon.

Bradford, obviously, wants to avenge the loss of nineteen lives, but also to regain his glory in the eyes of the people. Clichéd though the character might be, – we have the hotshot handsome guy, the hero with a damnable past that troubles and pains him at each corner, the female love interest, the reporter with immoral tendencies, the spoiled teenager, and everyone’s favorite ex-army group.

Surely, the book doesn’t break any untrod ground, but it makes for one of Norman Bogner’s best books, filled with all the gore one’d be keen to read about.

Seventh Avenue


Seventh Avenue by Norman Bagner was published in the year of 1966 – more than fifty years ago, today. As suggestive a tale as any, Seventh Avenue is a welcome addition to the bibliography of Bagner. No doubt can be casted about why it made the list of our best Norman Bagner books.

NYC Rag Trade

At the heart of it, it’s a soap opera centered around a singularly flawed, troubled opportunist trying to get his way up the top of the New York City rag trade. On his way, he will stop at nothing, especially not the women that come up on his path towards excellence.

As such, Eva, Rhoda, and Terry, three ladies working in the Manhattan fashion industry, are treading the road that Jay Blackman – our favorite sociopath – is on. Curtly, he’ll dispose of them. Not before, however, getting what he wants from them. What he’ll utilize them for is the mighty power and wealth at their disposal. Eva, Rhoda, and Terry are Jay’s one-way ticket to brilliance.

Specific Charm

There’s an odd compulsion at the center of the book that just won’t let the reader stop turning the pages. Whether it’s the charm of our antihero, the raunchy nature of the book, or something completely different, we don’t know, but it is exceedingly entertaining. Other loved books written by Bogner are The Madonna Complex, Honor Thy Wife, The Deadliest Act, and 99 Sycamore Place.

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