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Obsession Book Review (2021)

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Prolific writer Jennifer L. (which stands for Lynn) Armentrout was born on June, the 11th, 1980, in Martinsburg, Virginia, United States of America. Jennifer is a very well-known writer.


Her novels and stories are most prominently in the sci-fi, paranormal, and contemporary romance genres, and they are usually aimed at young adults, to new adults – which refers to people aged eighteen to thirty –, and to normal adults, too.

Obsession Book

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Not much is known of the more private life of Jennifer Armentrout, as she is a bit of an enigma, if we may. Quite a few of Jennifer’s works have gone on to become bestsellers, and been noted on the New York Times bestseller list. Sierra Pictures even went so far as to option on one Jennifer’s works, her novel Obsidian, which belongs to her Lux series.

When talking about Jennifer Armentrout, it is often brought up that she is a hybrid author. Well, this term can be a confusing one. Hybrid authors are authors that retain their right to self-publish any of their works, while still partaking in signing contracts to traditional publishing houses.


Jennifer has become very successful in utilizing her hybrid aspect, as she’s worked with publishing houses like HarperCollins, Harlequin Teen, and a number of others.

Jennifer is also a very passionate writer if you haven’t noticed. For instance, she, herself, notes that there are days – and they are very common – where she spends eight or so hours just writing. After all, Jennifer’s RITA Award for Best Young Adult Romance didn’t come from nothing. Having noted that, we can now give our book review of Obsession.

Arum Series

This novel by Jennifer Lynn Armentrout is one of her most complete, most striking stories to this date. It is a part of her Arum series; the first book of the series, to be precise.

However, the Arum series has thus far not been enriched by any novels other than Obsession book, though based off of how much Armentrout writes, we can be dead sure that they are surely coming. Obsession book was published in the year of 2013. We also covered it in our selection of the best romance thriller books. You must check it out!

How Does the Story Start?

The novel begins quite excitingly, but also quite haplessly for one character. Serena Cross is a girl that has been through much in her life. For instance, Serena’s mother was killed during the course of a scurrying failed attempt at robbery. Serena was in her freshman year of college at the time. Her father, on the other hand, is someone that hasn’t been in Serena’s life.

While still fairly young and innocuous, Serena was left pretty much alone in the world. It doesn’t come off as odd when we find out that the only person in whom Serena could put her trust was her best friend Mel, who is always there for her, with open arms and an amiable countenance.

Son of a Senator

One day, though, Mel went out to have some fun at the club. It was in fact a very fun, even wild night, so much so that Mel finds herself in the same bed as the son of a Senator. A little while into the depths of night, however, Mel is awakened and overhears the Senator’s son and his brother as they talk.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a cause for alarm, but what they were talking of left Mel completely frightened and bewildered on what to do. In mere moments, Mel sees them have a scuffle, which is even stranger than their talk.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Mel knows no one else as much as Serena and she doesn’t trust anyone else as much as she does Serena, so she’s the only person to whom she can reveal the events that have unfolded without reservation. Serena hearing of what has happened is reasonably at odds with the veracity of the story, but when Mel is murdered, she finds herself trying to fend for herself and, now, utterly alone in the world.

Somewhere close by, hired by the Department of Defense, a certain Hunter has been tasked with keeping Serena safe and to uncover how much information she has been exposed to. He isn’t the least bit interested in the job, but has no other choice but to accept.

Who Exactly Is Hunter?

Hunter, we find out, is not a human, but an Arum. Arums are beings that one meets in the fourth book of the Lux series. In short, an Arum is basically a killer; they often find themselves at odds with their self-control as their coveting and their yearnings are extreme, to say the least.

Now, upon meeting Serena, he is immediately moonstruck and adores the way that she looks, the way that she walks, talks, and is. Hunter’s lechery is one marked with the ferocity of murder, and if he allows himself to have sex with Serena, he deduces that it’ll be the last anyone will have heard of her. For more info, take a look at our article about the best alien romance books, where we mentioned this novel as well.

A Romance in the Heat of Battle

Serena, on the other hand, isn’t one that needs protection, as she puts it. She doesn’t want anyone to help her; she’s been nigh alone in life for some time, and being completely alone isn’t going to stop her, either. With time, though, she becomes more accepting because the need has become dire.

The Department of Defense fears that the Lux will become involved and Serena’s only hope is Hunter. The two of the time become committal, close, and with the turn of the pages, they start to like each other more and more. Before we know it, they are building a romance that, if one isn’t careful, might just cause the book to spontaneously combust into flames.

Steaming Treat

Armentrout’s Lux series, including Obsession book, is an exciting, steaming treat to read, so it should definitely be on one’s radar. We also suggest taking a look at our review of Wait for You book, that we enjoyed very much.

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