The Old Dick Book Review (2020)

This book is by the author L.A. Morse who doesn’t have a huge number of novels written, but the few he has managed to make are very worth the read. His exceptional writing style has a few thanks to give to the fact that Morse somehow managed to get two degrees in English Literature.

L.A. Morse hasn’t always had the dream to become a writer though, as he has had a variety of jobs throughout the years such as a brief stint in education television, five years as being the administrator at the University of Toronto.

His writing began when he returned from traveling in Southeast Asia as he decided to write a novel, which was something he has been planning to do for some time, and see how it goes. In this book review of The Old Dick, you get to find out what kind of author L.A. Morse is.

The Old Dick is actually a book that belongs to a series of Morse’s, called Sam Hunter. The second novel inside that book series is called Sleaze. In this novel, you read about the story of an old and retired private called Jake Spanner. Jake is a man who wasn’t glad to be going into retirement as he loved his job very much and he loved putting away horrible criminals even more.

Spanner’s life is about to get way more interesting than it already was for a while as the most unexpected thing happens to him. A criminal that he had put away almost forty years ago had just shown up again right where he lives, at his doorstep.

You get to find out exactly what that means as you read the novel yourself, but know that very exciting times and thrilling adventures are ahead of Jake as that is something that he has always been looking forward to. As you find out right here from our The Old Dick book review, it’s pretty obvious that Jake doesn’t have the same physical abilities as when he was younger back in the days, but he still has a sharp mind which is all he needs to catch this criminal now.

You start meeting some new interesting characters as they enter the story as Jake’s old friends who set out to help him solve this crime that involves three million dollars being at stake.

As the story progresses, Jake’s personality only becomes more loveable by the fans as he is totally devoted to this cause, having nothing to lose and a lot to prove like the fact that he is still able to catch criminals.

He is a man who doesn’t have the slightest of fears on this mission as death is always around the corner for him at that age. If you liked how the book sounds from this book review of The Old Dick, then you know now what to expect in this very thrilling and exciting novel by L.A. Morse.