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The Omega Point Trilogy Book Review (2021)

George Zebrowski

The Omega Point, Ashes And Stars, and Mirror Of Minds are the three books in The Omega Point Trilogy by author George Zebrowski. This science fiction author manages to write one of the most memorable science fiction book series of his time, written between the years of 1977 and 1983.

Bit Different

The novels inside talk about a story that is a bit different than what you might have seen in science fiction genres as George takes another approach at the protagonists and antagonists of the novels. You will see exactly what we mean as you read this book review of The Omega Point Trilogy series by George Zebrowski. You can also take a look at our review of Stranger Suns book, which was also written by Zebrowski!

The Omega Point Trilogy Book Series

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The Villains

The books are science fiction and they do involve the human race in their plot, but what is different here is the fact that unlike many other science fiction novels, the humans are not the victims here of alien and galactic war, they are actually the villains, evil beings who manage to almost destroy a whole race of aliens.

That definitely sounds super exciting as it is a very new and unique way to look at the human race in science fiction stories for a change. You can learn more about the trilogy in our selection of the best George Zebrowski books. Check it out!

Herculean Empire

In the stories that you get to read throughout the whole series, you will find out in this The Omega Point book review Trilogy that there was a war about three centuries ago between humans and the Herculean Empire. This war lasted for a thousand years and although the Herculean Empire had superior technology than Earth, more advanced knowledge and so on.


Earth actually had colonized a larger portion of the stars than the Herculeans and actually managed to defeat them after the long battle. Those times were terrible ones for the Herculeans as they were placed into vaporizer chambers to be killed and a few survivors were left so that they could be hunted for sport. A truly evil side of humans that isn’t too present in science fiction novels.

Myra’s World

As our review of The Omega Point Trilogy continues, you find out that after losing the war, the Herculeans travel to a faraway world, Myra’s world where they can live in peace. But, just as it all seems like it is going to end smoothly, the author reveals something dark on an unnamed world, a father and a son, deep in the Herculean Cluster. They plan something terrible that is going to be unleashed upon Earth worlds.

On the other hand, you meet Myra who has a different vision that what seems to happen. Truly mysterious times are ahead of these characters as who knows what else will happen throughout the three books.

Something Unique

One thing is for sure, and that is that this science fiction trilogy is definitely something unique, memorable, exciting, and different. Filled with the most fascinating characters imaginable, you will surely have a great time reading the trilogy if you happen to be a fan of science fiction novels.

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