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On Killing Book Review (2021) – The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society

Dave Grossman

This is an inspiring book in which author Dave Grossman discusses and analyzes the term killing. He talks about everything related to this terrible act that people tend to do and how it affects different types of people.

Absolute Masterpiece

He discusses why and what makes people do what they do and he reveals ways of preventing something so brutal as this. In this book review of On Killing, we present what this book by Dave Grossman tells the readers.

On Killing Book

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Firing Your Weapon

What you get to read about in this masterpiece by Dave is his thoughts and psychology of the art of killing. He focuses on the military, the soldiers, and why the majority of them never actually fire their weapons. We included this book in our article about the best Dave Grossman books. Check it out!

Resistance to Killing

There is, of course, a large resistance to the killing which is actually pretty normal if you are a good person. He tells you about plans that the military had devised to breakdown why and how this resistance happens so that they can increase their soldiers’ firing rate up to 90 percent.

Most of the book focuses on specifically the term killing in combat and he explains a detailed discussion about why people have that innate resistance to killing other human beings, even when it comes to war, they still hesitate to kill their enemy.

Improvement of Psychology

Dave Grossman uses a lot of knowledge and research that he has gotten from the recorded events of the Second World War. There are many studies relating to those terrible times and they are now used to improve and upgrade certain things such as the psychology of killing in combat discussed in this book.

For Better or Worse

Another thing that this book greatly focuses on is how the American soldiers have managed to kill so many people in the Vietnam War, more than any soldier has ever killed thanks to these improvement plans that the military devises.

But this On Killing book goes even beyond what the military is doing to the soldiers, it talks about suicide bombings, school shootings, the recent trends in crime that involve killing, and a lot more.

Violence We See

The author feels that violence we constantly see in social media combined with the very violent and interactive video games is what makes even the young kill easily such as soldiers are trained to do. He says that this combination of violence through media and video games does to the kids what the military does to the soldiers.

Exciting Book

This book will definitely prove as something exciting to read about if you find this type of psychological analysis interesting to read about as it contains truly powerful words that the author has spent countless hours researching to explain to you what is currently going on in America and in the world.

How does Grossman know so much about this and why you should trust what he says? That’s because he is actually a professor of military science at Arkansas State University and he has spent a lot of time studying what he writes in his books.

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