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One Bad Thing Book Review (2021)

Bill Eidson

In this thriller novel by Bill Eidson, you read about the life-changing story of a character in the book named Rob McKenna. Bill Eidson is known for his thriller novels that are always super fun and exciting to read for everyone, both hardcore readers and ones who occasionally enjoy a relaxing novel.

Accomplished Career

He is a former New England chapter president of the Mystery Writers of America who now lives in Boston and has done other exciting thrillers like this one such as The Guardian book, Frames Per Second, and Adrenaline. Make sure to check out the rest of this book review of One Bad Thing to see what kind of books Bill writes and to find out the story of this one by him.

One Bad Thing Book

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Rob McKenna

One Bad Thing book talks about a period in a man’s life that changed a lot for him and made him a completely different man. This character is Rob McKenna. He decides to sell his business and his house so that he can buy a 38-foot sloop named The Wanderer, on which he wishes to just sail away on a new journey and deal with the tragic death of his daughter.


Rob has a wife named Caroline who sets sail alongside him on this life-altering voyage through vast waters. Now, Bill describes Rob in the book as a good man who generally cares about everyone and is very harmless and humble. All of that is going to change for Rob as you read on the book and this review of One Bad Thing.

Constant Arguments

So, Rob and his wife, Caroline, set sail, but their peace quickly gets disrupted as Caroline can no longer handle their constant arguments, so she decides to just leave and fly back home, from Tortolla in the Caribbean to Newburyport.

From there, McKenna quickly finds a new mate to keep him company while he is returning home with the ship who actually offers himself to come and join Rob. This mysterious man that we know nothing about yet is Tom Cain.

Handsome Man

Bill describes Tom as a very handsome young man, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Tom introduces himself to Rob as an experienced sailor and a Harvard graduate, but all of that turns out to be a lie later on in the story. As they approach land, Rob finds out that Tom has in his possession diamonds that are worth a fortune.

Pretty Disastrous

Tom convinces him to lie to the coast guards that are coming to inspect the ship and they try to smuggle them. Rob is convinced to lie for him as Tom promises a portion of the fortune. Little did Rob know that this one lie in his life would turn out to be disastrous for him.

Different Person

After everything goes completely wrong, McKenna finds himself in a situation where he has to defend himself and his wife from the people who Tom has absolutely double-crossed and he eventually commits a murder. This man that you knew as a good man at the beginning of the book is now a totally different person. See how it all ends for him while you read the book for yourself.

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