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One Tuesday Morning Book Review (2021)

Karen Kingsbury

Exceptional authoress Karen Kingsbury was born on the 8th of June, 1963, in Fairfax, Virginia, United States of America. Kingsbury is a prominent American writer, primarily of Christian fiction novels, oftentimes with a focus on the romantic aspect.


Kingsbury has written or has had a hand in nearly one-hundred novels or short stories, and has sold at the very least thirteen-million copies of her work. Kingsbury is also a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, having had more than a dozen of her works on the lists.

One Tuesday Morning Book

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Life and Education

Kingsbury was born to father Ted and mother Anne Kingsbury, and she was the first of five children. The family frequently relocated while Karen was a child due to Ted’s job with IBM. As Kingsbury turned ten, the family settled down from Michigan to San Fernando Valley.

Kingsbury attended the California State University Northridge, graduating with a degree in journalism in 1986. Upon graduation, Karen landed a job with the Los Angeles Times as a sports writer, but also covered some crime stories. See our article about the best Karen Kingsbury books, where you can find more information about her life and work.


Karen Kingsbury and Don Russell married on the 23rd of July, 1989. The couple has had three of their own children and went on to adopt three more from Haiti. Upon the death of Kingsbury’s father because of diabetes complications, Karen took up clean eating and lost seventy pounds in less than a year.

Karen Kingsbury is a frequent public spokesperson. Her national events number north of one-hundred-thousand people. With all of that duly mentioned, we can now give our book review.

9/11 Series

This book is surely amongst the best Karen Kingsbury novels. It is the first book in her equally brilliant series named 9/11, which, in total, is comprised of three novels. One Tuesday Morning book was first published in the year of 2003.

Being that we mentioned that this book belongs to a series bearing the name 9/11, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the novel is about. Yes, it is about the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th.

Christian Themes

The story is made brilliantly poignant with the potent Christian themes that Kingsbury endows the story with. It has surely made many a person cry while reading it, and it might just have the same effect upon you. There’s scarcely anyone like Kingsbury that can make a story as memorable as the one in this book. For more similar novels, make sure to take a look at our selection of the best Christian romance books.


The novel follows, initially, two men. One of these men is Jake Bryan, and the other is Eric Michaels. Jake Bryan is a firefighter with an ardently powerful belief in God, while his spouse named Jamie is as disbelieving as they come; Jamie has a lot of skepticism about Jake’s beliefs.

However, in spite of the contrast in conviction and faith, Jamie and Jake are in love with one another, and together with their four-year-old Sierra, they live in Staten Island.

On the other hand, Eric Michaels is an aspiring businessman. Eric’s job often comes ahead of his plans with his wife and their child, Josh. It’s not faux to say that Eric often misses significant occasions, a la Josh’s birthday party. They live in Los Angeles.

The Fateful Day

One random day, Eric is set to go on a trip all the way to the New York office of the company he works for. The office, at hand, is situated on the 64th floor of the World Trade Center’s South Tower. Oh, and, the date when he is set to come to the office is the 11th of September, of the year 2001.

When the first airplane hits the buildings, everyone knows that a deeply damnable and frightful time is upon them. Jake Bryan, being a firefighter, is sent along with his crew to the site to mitigate the damage and help any hapless souls that might be in need of immediate aid.

Do the Job

Eric’s boss, who just might be off his rocker, pleads with Eric to stay in the building so that he can close the deal that he was sent to get done. Eric, being a sensible person, tries to get the hell out of dodge and is headed for the stairwell.

However, in the frenzy Eric finds himself falling down the stairs, injuring himself, but it seems that someone is nearby to help him. It’s Jake and as he picks Eric up, the two of them are left aghast. They look completely identical to one another. However, they don’t have much time to get to know each other, there is an attack and all, so Jake helps Eric out just enough so that he can get back into the building to help others in need.

A Horrible Outcome

The building has been devastated and has fallen completely, while Eric is found to be alive in the general proximity of a fire truck. He is bruised, charred, and astoundingly bloody, and his clothes are none. The captain of the fire team with which Jake worked rushes to the side of whom he thinks is his pal, Jake.

However, Jake didn’t make it out of the building, but died as he risked his life in the appalling perils just so he can do his job and save another person. Eric, by virtue of being extremely damaged, has lost his memory and his face is completely bandaged up.

The Loss

In the coming months, Jamie takes care of Eric even though he cannot but remember anything of his previous life. Nearly twenty-eight-hundred miles west, on the other coast of the country, Eric’s family is still mourning the loss.

We see Eric’s wife as she struggles to cope, while Eric’s brother seems to be the only person that cares for her. With time, Eric begins experiencing flashbacks, visions, and odd dreams, and in these dreams, Jamie and Sierra are not to be found. Will Eric find his way back to his wife and son, or will his attempts be completely futile?

Still Impressive

The story continues to awe and impress readers even today. There aren’t many like this one, and our book review of One Tuesday Morning attests to what magnitude this work belongs to. Beyond Tuesday Morning is the sequel to One Tuesday Morning and it is sure to wrench out your heart and weep with you.

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