The Orpheus Machine Book Review (2020)

This science fiction novel is by author Ray Aldridge and it is the third book of his The Emancipator trilogy. In this final novel in the series, Ray talks about the Emancipator who is desperately trying to free slaves all around and an already dangerous mission for freedom quickly turns into a devastating one when a huge threat is presented somewhere in the story that could mean the destruction and death of countless lives. If you are interested and have read the previous books of the series, then have a look at this book review of The Orpheus Machine to see what the last book of the series talks about.

The Orpheus Machine Book

This is the story of a character who leads a very dangerous double life. His name is Ruiz Aw and his job is as an enforcer for a very brutal galactic slave-trade corporation of the powerful Pangalic Worlds. That’s how you first get to meet him in our book review of The Orpheus Machine, but Ruiz has a very big secret that he must not allow anyone to find out.

He is secretly trying to end this horrible business and free all the slaves. He is actually a bounty hunter who was hired to work here as an enforcer for the Art League who are very brutal towards the slaves and Ruiz could not stand for this any further, so he devises plans to finally put an end to this crime.

As you read about how Ruiz is desperately risking his life and being caught to try and free as many slaves as he can without anyone knowing it was him who freed them, the pirate Lords are actually keeping busy too. They are plotting new ways to bring in more slaves and to watch them suffer as they enjoy it very much. An even bigger and more terrible threat appears as the Emancipator,

Ruiz Aw, finds out about a death cult that is rapidly bringing in new humans to make them suffer and convince them to commit suicide. This definitely proves as a huge threat because even the powerful empire of the Art League has no jurisdiction over this horrible killing machine that is bringing death like nothing they have ever seen before.

If you have read any of the previous books before, then you are familiar with Ruiz and that he could not let this to stand any longer, it is now up to him to do whatever he can, risk losing everything, his cover, and more importantly, his life so that he can try and end the suffering for good.

You are definitely in for a good treat from this last book of Ray’s series called The Emancipator, and hopefully, from what you see in this The Orpheus Machine book review, you find the story amusing and will give it a shot. It is very worth it.


Robert Hazley

Robert Hazley

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