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Paingod And Other Delusions Book Review (2021)

Harlan Ellison

This collection of a variety of short stories ranging from science fiction genres to fantasy and horror by Harlan Ellison compiles some of his best short stories that all prove wonderful reads. However, if these stories are not enough, we wrote article about the best Harlan Ellison books!

Exciting Short Stories

It has gotten a few amazing reviews by top science fiction authors like Robert Heinlein. It holds just under ten short stories that are all filled with exciting new characters and wondrous worlds. By the end of this book review of Paingod and Other Delusions, you will be familiar with a few of the exciting short stories inside which will hopefully get you excited about the others as well.

Paingod and Other Delusions Book

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Repent, Harlequin!

One of these amusing stories is called Repent, Harlequin! Said the Ticktockman and it is a fascinating science fiction story published in 1965 that actually has a not so normal writing style as it begins from the middle, the narrative is non-linear but it will still start making sense as you read further.

The plot of the story is about a world where every crime is paid with time. You could say that time is a currency and eventually one could run out of their earned time and that is when they are being turned off.

Everett C. Marm

You get to meet a special character that is the main focus of the story, named Everett C. Marm who is the one that engages a rebellion against the one known as the Ticktockman. The story just gets more and more exciting from there as you get to witness an exciting action-filled adventure of the battle between these characters and see for yourself how the story ends.

The Discarded

As you finish one story and on to the next, a short story with the title The Discarded comes across. This is one of his most exciting stories as it was even adapted to an episode of a US television anthology series called Masters of Science Fiction in 2007.

Wanted in Surgery

Next, probably one of the most memorable of all of these short stories that you get to read about in this Paingod and Other Delusions book review is a story called Wanted in Surgery. This proves to be quite the disturbing science fiction plot as Harlan tries to show his opinion about how heartless machines can truly be and why they can never replace a human being.

The plot of this story tells about the creation of machines, robots that are designed to replace doctors as it was thought that they would prove to be less expensive in the long run and have higher success chances.

Memorable and Enjoyable Read

But, of course, a huge twist comes in this thrilling story by Harlan and everything suddenly goes into chaos. We make sure not to spoil any huge endings in this book review of Paingod and Other Delusions, but you can always find out for yourself how the stories in this wonderful collection by Harlan turn out.

The author has made sure to make a nice combination of different and unique short stories that will prove to be a memorable and enjoyable read.

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