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Pandora’s Genes Book Review (2021)

Kathryn Lance

The world of Pandora starts with this first book of author Kathryn Lance’s trilogy called The Pandora Trilogy. This is the novel that introduces you to Kathryn’s fiction world full of wonders but also a lot of suffering as you will quickly find out from this book review of Pandora’s Genes.

The Pandora Trilogy

The three books in the trilogy are connected and all tell a story that will prove memorable as there are a few characters who carry out the whole plot and you will find that all of them have something special that makes them also unique. Here is what awaits you in the first book of The Pandora’s Trilogy series by Kathryn Lance.

Pandora’s Genes Book

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Dead World

The setting is an almost dead world that was destroyed in a process that killed so many after an oil-spill accident which was so devastating that it actually ended civilization. Humans were not the only ones affected by this terrible thing, many animals and insects are either dead or mutated into horrible creatures that just adds to the suffering.

One of the biggest things that hit this world is that there is nothing left of the modern science and technology that humans had, in fact very little knowledge is left in this world as everything was destroyed.

Evvy, Zach and Principal

After seeing what kind of world these people live in, it is time to introduce you to the main characters that are going to take you on the exciting adventures in our book review of Pandora’s Genes. Evvy is described as the most beautiful woman left alive and a brilliant scientist, The principal is a wonderful but a bit flawed leader who has a lot of knowledge in the science area, and Zach is a warrior-poet and the right-hand man to The Principal.

Lethal Disease

These three unique characters take you on the journey that is about to happen in Pandora’s Genes. A terrible thing is revealed by the author as a lethal disease starts spreading which only appears to affect women. No one knows at first how or who started this horrible thing, but there is an enemy side in the book, enemies of the characters that we just mentioned in this review of Pandora’s Genes book.

The Traders

They call themselves The Traders and these people are trying to make sure that science never comes back into this world as it is the reason for all of the destruction. They are religious people who strongly prohibit any knowledge of science which is why they are the opposite of The Principal’s people. The rest of the story revolves around The Principal, Evvy, and Zach’s journey to find a cure for this deadly sickness and slowly restore civilization as it was.


Will they succeed while they still have time? Who is responsible in the first place for the sickness? How does the story connect with the second book of the series, Pandora’s Children? All of these things can be made clear as you check out the novels in the trilogy for yourself.

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