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3 Best Patricia Grasso Books (2021)

Best Patricia Grasso Books ReviewBio

Patricia Helen Grasso was born in the year of 1950, in Massachusetts, United States of America. Patricia is a splendid American author, primarily of romance novels.

As we mentioned, Patricia Grasso was born in Massachusetts, to parents were Constantino and Helen Grasso. She was also raised and grew up in Massachusetts.

The Bachelor’s and Master’s degree of Patricia were attained in the subject of English. Accordingly, for a period of about thirty years, as Patricia, herself, points out, she used her free time teaching in a public high school.

Best Patricia Grasso Books

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
To Charm a Prince 8.72/10 242 Pages Check Price On Amazon
To Tempt An Angel 8.26/10 290 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Emerald Enchantment 8.58/10 343 Pages Check Price On Amazon


Patricia has won a number of awards, including a Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, a Romantic Times KISS Award, along with a National Readers’ Choice Award. At the present time, Patricia resides in Winchester, situated a bit north of Boston, Massachusetts.

With all that said, we can now take a look at the best books by Patricia Grasso. We also covered one of her books as standalone article, check out our To Tame A Duke book review!

The Kazanovs Book Series


Heartwarming Story

The Kazanovs Series is a brilliant, touching, warm series from the talented mind of Patricia Grasso. It is comprised of a total of seven works, and these works are the following:

  1. To Charm a Prince, published in 2003.
  2. To Love a Princess, published in 2004.
  3. Seducing the Prince, published in 2005.
  4. Pleasuring the Prince, published in 2006.
  5. Tempting the Prince, published in 2007.
  6. Enticing the Prince, published in 2008.
  7. Marrying the Marquis, published in 2009.

The story of the Kazanovs is a genuinely heartwarming, yet also heartrending one. We see how Amber has got to flee to Russia, or take up her only other choice – stay and be sold as a breeder (you really don’t want to know what that is) at the hands of a slave trader.

Earl of Stratford

It just so happens that her cousin has hooked her up with a certain Miles – the Earl of Stratford –, who, at this current time, requires an heir. Miles’ wife perished in a ghastly fire a few years ago, but it left an even more permanent imprint on his life. Namely, Miles was also stricken by the fire, as half of his body is scarred, thus he has been living as a reclusive person ever since that fateful day.

Collision Course

It seems that the hearts of these two tragic characters are on a collision course. It may be that they are the only ones that can make each other happy. We can’t explain how affectionately Grasso has written the characters. The only way that someone can understand the complexity and the beauty of Miles and Amber is by reading the book.

Douglas Book Trilogy


Getting By

One of Grasso’s shortest series, to date, is her Douglas Trilogy. As the title implies, it is compiled of three books and they are the following bunch:

  1. To Tempt an Angel, published in 2002.
  2. To Charm a Prince – this is where The Kazanovs Series and the Douglas Trilogy kind of intersect.
  3. To Catch a Countess, published in 2004.

The Douglas Trilogy covers the stories of the three Douglas sisters. They come from an impoverished family, as their father was an earl. They’ve spent most of their life far from the Ton, trying to gather just enough money to get by.

Stroke of Luck

One of the sisters, though, Angelica has a stroke of luck one day. At a street, Angelica comes by Robert, a dashing, young gentleman. Angelica, by way of subterfuge, gets a bit of money from Robert, as the latter is instantly head over heels for the young girl. As simple as that, we start the tale of the first of the Douglas sisters.

The characters aren’t perfect, but are realistic. While Robert is a charming, attractive man, he also has a past that haunts him, and it makes him act like a genuine human, not a robot going through the motions. Angelica seems like a naive girl, though she learns to get over this burden that fate has chosen for her.

As Romantic as It Gets

Set during the regency period, the romance is as romantic as one can hope. One’s heart melts as he reads of their first kiss, their first touch, and the quivering of the skin. Perhaps, one of the best Patricia Grasso books.

Devereux Family Book Series


Favorite Series

The Devereux Family series from Patricia Grasso’s romantic imagination is one of the authoress’ most affectionate tales, yet. It is comprised of six books, in total, and they go as follows:

  1. Highland Belle, published in 1991.
  2. Emerald Enchantment, published in 1992.
  3. Desert Eden, published in 1993.
  4. Love in Mist, published in 1994.
  5. Courting an Angel, published in 1995.
  6. My Heart’s Disease, published in 1996.

The first three books tell the stories of the Devereux sisters. They are Brigette, Kathryn, Heather, while the others focus more broadly on the larger Devereux family.

Kathryn Devereux

For instance, Kathryn Devereux is a young English woman. She is also a widow to a rough Irish chieftain. At the present moment, Kathryn is struggling, though she is a strong-minded lady, with doing the right thing for herself and for her kids. Kathryn knows the pains that she felt at the hands of her cruel first husband, and is as such unwilling to venture much with other men. All the same, she had to marry, out of convenience no less, after his death to keep her children safe.

While that is going on, the nephew of her dead spouse, Hugh O’Neill is attempting to gain the title of Earl. Kathryn does feel attracted to Hugh, though she is dubious at how he would treat her. Being of the same kin as her ex-husband, she expects much of the same.


Soon, though, the two find that they can be together, but all of a sudden, O’Neill’s kinsman has kidnapped Kathryn. It doesn’t take long for Hugh to save her, but now the traumas have encumbered on sweet Kathryn and Hugh has only one resolve: keep her safe, gain her trust, and love her more than anything else.

From the synopsis, we can see how heart-wrenching the story really is. A great recommendation to romance lovers everywhere! The Flambeau Sisters series is another brilliant series by Grasso. Just as touching as the ones we’ve mentioned, but doubly interesting.

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