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Philosophy and the Challenge of the Future Book Review (2021)

John Lange

John Lange, the author of this book, takes you on a great journey in this novel as he asks and answers many questions regarding the term philosophy.

John Michael Crichton

An interesting thing to mention in our book review of Philosophy and the Challenge of the Future is that John Lange is actually the pen name of John Michael Crichton. He is an author who has managed to sell over 200 million copies of his books throughout the world, and a dozen of which have been adapted to actual movies.

Philosophy and the Challenge of the Future Book

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His area of expertise is in writing astonishing science fiction stories, as well as medical fiction novels. If you see a book from this author, chances are you are going to like it very much, but that’s totally up to you to decide.

In this particular one by John Lange, he talks about the many connections between philosophy and science. John refers to philosophy as the mother of all science, in fact maybe even the grandmother, as every initial thought about anything is first philosophical, and it is later science when something is proven with facts.

Everyone’s Favorite Topics

The book is definitely very engaging with the readers as it truly makes you think about what John is saying in it as everything he mentions is backed up with hard logic, it might not be true, but it definitely makes sense.

Lange also talks about some great philosophers through history who have contributed a lot to our world, mainly to science. Many of his favorite topics are mentioned, and probably yours too if you are a great science fiction fan, and those are artificial life, genetics, and similar things in that area, as how do we really think about them, what this technology can help the humankind with, and will they alter our view of the world.

Science and Philosophy

What you can see from our Philosophy and the Challenge of the Future book review is that this novel is definitely one that covers a wide range of topics, mainly about science and philosophy, but what’s more important is that John has the intention of opening his readers’ eyes on how to look at things in their life and at their future.

Eye-Opening Book

A truly eye-opening book that will ensure a great read for any science fiction lover, but even more for the reader who enjoys stories about philosophy that truly make him think and use the full capacity of their mind. If you are interested in this book, you might like our review of The Philosophy of Historiography book review.

Great Questions Answered

As the novel approaches the last pages, John lets us know the fact that philosophy will always have a purpose in our lives, new things to do, and to help with, new places to go, and so on. Great questions of how, what, where, and who are answered in this book that are all related to the philosophy of our future.

Michael Englert
Michael Englert
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