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The Philosophy of Historiography Book Review (2021)

John Lange

This very instructable piece of content is a book by the author John Lange, also known as John Michael Crichton who has managed to sell over 200 million copies of his very insightful books.

More than a dozen of his books has been adapted to films which definitely says a lot about his writing style and the quality that it possesses that allows his work to be turned to film.

The Philosophy of Historiography Book

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Fun and Educational

Although he often steers to writing science fiction novels filled with all sorts of advanced technologies, there are some like these that are both fun as well as very educational.

Let’s dive into this book review of The Philosophy of Historiography and find out what it is all about. We also covered his other book, that you can check out! Take a look at our Philosophy and the Challenge of the Future book review.

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Both Enjoyable and Serious

John has made sure that this book is written in a manner that is both very enjoyable while reading but it also is serious enough that it provides huge amounts of information on how a writer can improve their content in the historical content writing area.

Intended for the highly intelligent readers who don’t mess around and want to learn a thing or two, this book definitely provides priceless insight into the world of historical writing. We found in our The Philosophy of Historiography book review that this particular book has two major purposes for the readers.

Simple Rules

The first purpose of this book is to make sure that the one reading it has a firm and detailed understanding of the world of writing about the human past. What famous writers tend to often do, how certain things are done best and cannot be written any other way, it explains sort of simple rules that, when followed, can make the job all the more easier and have a higher result.

Understanding the Historical Writing

The second purpose makes sure that the reader understands and expands upon that field of historical writing not only in a way of theories that help improve and methods and rules that need to be followed but it dives deeper, teaching you the logic behind every decision, the meaning of what it takes to do a splendid job and be one of the best at it. 

Harvard Paid Off

John’s time at Harvard, studying to become a great writer has definitely paid off as he understands the complex methods of writing that make the difference from the average and the best. Having learned a lot, he is definitely the person that can teach you how to do your best job at writing about the past. It’s a very powerful form of writing that can empower people, motivate them, bring out realizations, learn a thing or two, and so much more.

Powerful Tool

Our review of The Philosophy of Historiography book finds this book to be a great and powerful tool for teaching both young and experienced minds a few things about writing as it helps people realize already known facts and teaches them so many more new ones that just might be the thing that changes everything for the better.

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