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Playing for Keeps Book Review (2021)

Kendall Ryan

Authoress Kendall Ryan was born on the 15th of August, 1981 in South Carolina, United States of America. Kendall Ryan is a prominent and wonderful author that has written more than twenty books, thus far.

Kendall Ryan has been featured on the New York Times list of Bestsellers, but also on the Wall Street Journal and USA Today equivalents. Kendall Ryan primarily writes New Adult fiction with a special focus on romance, though she has dabbled in romantic comedies, too.

Playing for Keeps Book

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Writing Career

Anent the earlier life, as well as the more private or intimate portions of Kendall’s life, there are, alas, not many sources for information. We do know that she attended Western Michigan University where she acquired her Bachelor’s Degree.

Accordingly, Ryan has sold north of two million copies of her works, around the globe. Kendal Ryan has also frequently published some of her works by herself, though she definitely falls into the hybrid author category, as her bestselling series named Love By Design was published via Simon & Schuster. With all of that duly noted we can now take a look at one of Kendall Ryan’s best books and give our book review.

Hot Jocks Series

This is widely regarded as being one of the best efforts that Kendall Ryan has published. It is the first book in her Hot Jocks series, which consists of seven novels in total, and one tie-in novel between the fifth and sixth.

The stories in the series are standalone, while they are connected by a larger theme. Playing for Keeps book was published in the year of 2019, with the others having been published in the last year, or so.

What the Reader Should Know About the Story

Through and through, Kendall Ryan’s book is a superb and wonderful novel. The story is a light one for reading, easy to follow and understand, with the greater narrative being an attractive, sexy, and tender storyline between two love birds.

The main characters are Justin and Elise, and boy, are they just adorable together, but also when on their own, though of course doubly when together. No story is complete without the supporting cast, of course, and the one here is a tremendous addition to the storyline. Who knows, they might be featured in a Hot Jocks novel, too?

Worse Than Breaking the Law: Breaking the Bro Code

Justin Brady is a sport savvy, extremely talented, mighty, determined young man with quite the aspirations. Justin adores playing hockey so much that he is a professional hockey player.

The team he is on has been on a wonderful streak for that last while and Justin intends to keep it that way. The companionship that he shares with his team is a remarkably amiable one. His attitude towards the individual members is one worthy of praise, but his relationship with a mate’s younger sister is one to pay attention to, too.


However, seeing as there’s a kind of bro code in play – one whose laws aren’t to be spoken, but only acknowledged silently and passively –, she is essentially not to be bothered with. Or is she?

The little sister of his crewmate is named Elise. Elise is an exceedingly kind, tender, charismatic, and enthusiastic young lady, currently working as a preschool teacher. Her elder brother, as we mentioned, is a professional hockey player. Being as close as she is to her sibling, Elise is frequently amongst the members of his team.

Undeniable Attraction

Elise likewise knows that the team of her brother is not to be mingled with, but she can’t deny her attraction to one of the members. The member, as one has surely been successful in deducing, is none other than our friend, Justin.

Elise supposes that Justin could never bear feelings towards her, so she’d rather not make a big deal out of it all. You can also find this book among the brother’s best friend romance books. Make sure to check out our article.

Doing What They’ve Waited for This Whole Time

However, one night something happens that allows for Justin and Elise to spend a wonderful, steaming, and a wholly unforeseen night in each other’s arms. The following day is as weird as they come, as they have no clue on how to go about their lives seeing as what has just transpired.

The fact that they are allured by one another, for instance, is something that they can’t overlook, anymore. They come to the conclusion that they can give this thing of theirs an opportunity to see where it goes, but they agree that no strings attached is a policy to be followed, and everything remains as covert as possible.

Full-Blown Couple

The chance that they have taken in hopes that something will come out of their little secret affair is one that they will remember for the rest of their lives. They begin by spending time in each other’s presence even more, and the attraction they feel grows into a genuine love.

This love allows them to be incapable of keeping their hands to themselves. In a little while, they are a full-blown couple, in love, and completely given to one another. Whatever obstacles may arise will be featherweight when compared to what they are prepared to do to keep their love kindling.

Beautiful and Touching

Their romance is wholly and utterly beautiful and touching. The drama that is often present in stories much like this one is thankfully nowhere to be found. The story focuses more so on the sweet, adorable moments, ones with a focus on laughs and joy, rather than tedious drama. Our Playing for Keeps book review has surely made any genre lover intrigued with the story.

Kendall Ryan’s Hot Jocks series has more stories to tell and each one will make your feelings flutter and your elation skyrocket.

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