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Psychlone Book Review (2021)

Greg Bear

In this science fiction novel by Greg Bear, you get to hear the story of the nuclear bomb at Hiroshima but rewritten in Greg’s irreplaceable sci-fi style.

The real bomb that hit there was a terrible thing by its own, but Greg has managed to draw inspiration from that terrible blast and turn the story into an even more wondrous one with a bigger disaster, more action, more devastation, and some unexpected twists to keep the readers interested.

Psychlone Book

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Soul Destroyer

On top of the science fiction part, Bear manages to include a little politics inside so that the story can really relate and be as thrilling as possible. If you like this topic, we made for you a selection of the best Greg Bear books. Don’t miss it out.

In our book review of Psychlone, you find out Greg’s description of the nuclear bomb as the single most destructive thing that not only destroys worlds, life, bodies, but it also destroys a person’s soul and their life that follows after the destruction and death.

Signature Move

Here comes the signature move of Greg’s that makes his stories all the more interesting. We find out about the ones that were not killed entirely by this devastating weapon, in constant pain and anger, injured and broken spiritually and physically by what just happened to them, they destroy anything that crosses their path, in search for revenge upon the ones responsible for this unspeakable pain and sorrow.

The Psychlone

They go by the united name of The Psychlone and pose a great threat as they have the ability to instantly freeze animals and to bring an entire town to pieces with ease.

As we continue our Psychlone book review, we introduce Larry Fowler who is a brilliant scientist that just hates being frightened by new dangers that he does not completely understand and prefers to stay as far away from them as possible. But, cursed with a scientist’s curiosity,

New Threat

Larry just cannot hesitate to ask questions and to find out as much as he can about this new threat. These questions eventually lead him, face to face, with The Psychlone and it is this curiosity that may or may not be his ultimate demise. That is definitely up to you to find out as we do not want to spoil the magnificent ending that comes in this book with our Psychlone book review.

This book review of Psychlone describes the amazing novel by Bear as a ghost story and science fiction tale, two in one, with a little dash of politics involved which is always something that adds excitement to any story with opposing sides.

Greg Never Disappoints

Hopefully, you find our Psychlone book review amusing and express interest in another one of Greg’s amazing science fiction adventures as they never disappoint and always bring new excitement to his fans and fans to be.

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