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Quad World Book Review (2021)

Robert A. Metzger

Quad World by Robert A. Metzger is a science fiction novel that describes an exciting event to read that transports you to another world along with the main character of the novel.

Useful Knowledge

Robert Metzger, the author of this novel, is a science fiction author who tends to talk a lot about scientific facts in his novels that make a lot of logic, but that might have something to with the fact that he is also a very experienced electrical engineer.

Quad World Book

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John Smith

Thanks to his skills in that area, Robert has a lot of inspiration to write thrilling science fiction novels that tell the most mysterious and fascinating stories. Learn what story this novel holds and what to expect upon reading it from this book review of Quad World.

Robert starts the story with the introduction of the main character in the book, John Smith. At first, there is nothing out of the ordinary with the story, nor with John. He is a perfectly normal human being, healthy as ever, getting ready and going to work in the morning.

Exciting Event

As all seems normal, Metzger quickly turns the tides as he introduces the first exciting event appearing in the novel. At John’s morning laboratory staff meeting, the strangest of things happen as John witnesses everything around him just freezes. He does see some pretty interesting and fascinating things at his workplace in the lab, but this had to be one of the weirdest and out of the ordinary occurrences.

John Smith wonders if everything around him has stopped or has his body frozen. Just as he starts thinking that he is actually dying, John gets transported into a parallel world where almost everything is strange to him.

Joan of Arc and Robin Hood

Upon arriving at this strange world, Smith gets greeted by the most unusual of characters, Joan of Arc and Robin Hood. As you can see from our Quad World book review, everything is so strange and new to John and he doesn’t know what to think, but he slowly realizes that he is trapped in a parallel world and must find a way out.

As he spends more time there, John learns a lot of new things about this strange world like the fact that it is called Quad World and it’s inhabited by Quads and survivors of biological warfare.

Napoleon, Elvis and Others

John meets some other interesting characters like Napoleon, Elvis, and a few other ones that are very familiar to the readers. Another very important thing that John learns is that if he were to meet himself across these dimensions of this strange world, the following result would be very horrible as we are talking about death.

Cosmic Puzzle

If this day wasn’t already weird enough for John, he becomes entangled in a fierce battle between this world’s God and Devil, Elvis and Napoleon. He quickly notices that the fate of this world might just be in his hands as he tries to solve a cosmic puzzle that will determine the outcome of so much.

You might find the story to be very strange from this book review of Quad World, but as you read and read, you will notice that it starts to make sense as you get to know more about the characters and the strange world that John has been transported to.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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