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Queen of Angels Book Review (2021)

Greg Bear

This is the first book of Greg Bear’s science fiction book series also called Queen of Angels and it is the start of a long, astonishing, breathtaking story.

Story that is filled with wondrous adventures, unique and unforgettable characters, as well as mind-boggling mysteries that will make the reader focus a lot on the story. You can read more about another books of the series in our Moving Mars book review.

Queen of Angels Book

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Queen of Angels Series

This Queen of Angel book review focuses on the first book on the series and shows you how it all starts. It was nominated for the Hugo, Locus, and Cambell awards thanks to the brilliance of the story and plot devised by Greg that holds many secrets and wonders.

The story of Queen of Angels is a complex one as it features a few interlocking storylines that make things all the more interesting and fun to read. No wonder that we include it in our selection of the best Greg Bear books.


American society is not the same as we know it as it has been transformed in every way possible by an advanced technology called Nanotechnology. This tech is able to improve anything it touches, be it physically or mentally, it gets the job done.

One of its most powerful uses is its integration in the field of psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience. It is able to offer “therapy” for anyone and helps them acquire well-integrated personalities that just improve upon the social order. Those undergone by therapy are called “therapied”.

Three Classes

These individuals have some special benefits after doing this like having the best jobs to choose from and other great perks. They are one of three classes. The two others are ‘high-naturals” and “untherapied”.

The high-naturals are the class that already has a very high mental state and they simply do not need to do the process of therapy, and the untherapied are the ones who do not choose to do this process and are increasingly being taken for granted and given less and less meaning.

Emmanuel Goldsmith

As the story and our Queen of Angels review progress, we meet a famous writer called Emmanuel Goldsmith. This writer is actually a serial killer because he has committed a high number of murders which is something that is not seen commonly in this age of therapy and high mental state.


We start seeing the other storylines as one involves a policewoman who has chosen to have her body altered by nanotech so that she can have a body that is better suited for the job with special abilities and enhanced functions. She is assigned to the case of finding and arresting this murderer.

Another storyline comes into play as we meet Richard Fettle. He is a dear friend of Emmanuel and is also a writer. Richard hasn’t done the process of therapy and is coping with the fact that his friend is a murderer.

More Storylines

There are two other storylines that impact the story highly as you will find out as you read. You will find out from this Queen of Angels book review that in the coming chapters, you get to see lots of fun adventures involving artificial intelligence, robots, travel to outer space, and much more. Check out another book of the series in our review of Slant book.

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