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Ratha’s Courage Book Review (2021)

Clare Bell

Ratha’s Courage is the fifth and last book of a book series from Clare Bell. Clare is known for her young adult fantasy writing and mostly recognized for her Ratha series which are books generally about a prehistoric world that is inhabited by big cats.

The Named Series

The whole series that Ratha’s Courage is a part of is called the Named series and the cats in that world are self-aware and intelligent creatures that resemble cheetahs, pumas, and lions.

Ratha’s Courage Book

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Fascinating Creatures

Clare is generally very interested in prehistoric creatures as she says that they fascinated her and are the biggest inspiration for her writing which is quite insightful of that world and Clare sure knows how to show it. This book review of Ratha’s Courage should definitely give you an example of Clare’s wonderful writing skills.

Dangerous Conflict

In Ratha’s Courage book, Clare tells the story of a dangerous conflict between two cat clans. Ratha, as the leader of the Named tribe, finds herself responsible to make sure she sets things right before the two clans tear each other apart.

This fight between the clans started while the two were in an alliance. The alliance although, was not a very stable one as they didn’t like each other that much, but the leaders were smart ones and knew it was for the better.

Powerful Artifact

One day, a young member of The Hunter Tribe called Quiet Hunter, asks the Named clan if they would like to share their fire with them so that they can keep the younglings warm. The Named had a powerful fire artifact called The Red Tongue which is from the previous books that is basically a very powerful belonging.

A young and foolish male steals The Red Tongue in an attempt to harness its power when he actually starts a canyon fire that ends up killing many of his tribe, most importantly the clan’s females that were at their perfect age for breeding.


When breeding season arrives, the leader of The Hunter Tribe drives the younger males out because they present competition for him and his females. When the cast out males end up following New Singer in his quest to attack the Named clan, they do massive damage to the clan as they kill many of the young cubs and kidnap all of the clan’s females, all but Ratha.

Rescue Plan

Some very interesting twists follow in the next pages as Ratha forms a plan to sneak in and rescue her fellow clan members but ends up being captured herself. Eventually in all of that, she finds out that the foolish strange male that stole The Red Tongue in the first place is actually her long lost son.

Battles of Survival

This Ratha’s Courage book review is more than enough to introduce you to the world of the prehistoric cats and their battles for survival. You definitely need to check out the whole book series as they are all connected and explain important facts about many of the story’s key points.

Our review of Ratha’s Courage is only for the last book, but that definitely doesn’t mean that the others are not as interesting as this one.

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