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Reflected in You Book Review (2021)

Sylvia June Day

Extraordinary writer Sylvia June Day was born on March 11th, 1973, in Los Angeles, California, USA. Sylvia June is a well-known and beloved Japanese-American writer of romance novels.

She has used frequently during her career two pseudonyms – S. J. Day and Livia Dare. As of yet, Day’s novels have gone on to become bestselling works in as many as twenty-eight nations, worldwide.

Reflected in You Book

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Not Just a Romance Writer

We mentioned that the authoress’ forte is in her romance writing, but her historical and paranormal fiction – even futuristic writing isn’t a stranger to Day. These are the genres that she mainly signs with the pseudonyms that we noted above. Her efforts in these genres are not to be understated; in fact, they are quite loved by the fans of Day.

From 2009 to 2013, Day was on the Board of Directors of Passionate Ink. Passionate Ink is a subsection of the Romance Writers of America (RWA). Sylvia June was the 22nd president, as well. Public events in the line of Romance Writer’s of America’s National Convention, San Diego Comic-Con, and many others, are oftentimes occasions that are graced by the presence of Day.

Getting Her Work’s Worth

Sylvia June Day undoubtedly has a keen eye for business opportunities. In the year of 2013, for the writing of 2 novellas Day signed a contract in the amount of seven figures. Less than half a year later, Day received an offer in the amount of eight figures for two more books. A similar such deal followed soon after, and we can conclude that Day’s business ventures are enviable. With all of that said, we can now proceed with our book review.

A Brief Summary

This is a superb novel from the infinitely talented mind of Sylvia June Day. It is a part of her ever- famous and adored series Crossfire. The Crossfire series is comprised of a total of five works, of which Reflected in You book is the sophomore addition, accordingly. It was published in the year of 2013.

For virtue of context, we will give a brief summary of the events unfolding in Bared to You, the first novel of the series since it comes first chronologically. Eva Hammel is twenty-four years of age. Eva’s family is a singularly rich one, but Eva is averse to the idea to live off of the family money.

Familiar Owner

Instead, she wants to make it in the world by her own efforts and not by someone else’s. For this reason, Eva gets a job at an ad company. The owner of the company is none other than Gideon Cross.

Whether it was instantaneous or a moment or two were needed, the two fall deeply in love with each other. However, things aren’t all perfect; both of them have their own issues, but they can’t help but yearn for each other. We even covered it in our review of the best adult romance books. Make sure to check it out!

Still Trying to Get Better

If the first novel was of the fancy of the reader, then Reflected in You will surely satisfy the craving or the hunger for Gideon Cross and Eva Hammel and their romance. It follows in the immediate aftermath of Bared to You and the reader is in for the story of a lifetime. If we concede to the analogy that the reader is the Earth, then the journey we follow in Reflected in You is a fiery meteor headed straight for the planet, with an intense passion.

Eva and Gideon are still head over heels for each other, but the lurking shadows of their troubled past-life still follow them wherever they go. The bleeding heart of Eva is still in full effect, her honesty even when it puts her in a precarious position is nevertheless here. Gideon is still the secretive chap; he needs to be trusted, though his own trust is hard-earned.

Ways to Hurt Each Other

At times, the story can feel as if they are just finding ways to hurt each other, to keep each other away, or to create drama where drama is not. However, when looked at with a more observing lens, one comes to the realization that their story is a truly painful one. They do these things because they’re the only things that they know how to do.

The domineering, control-freak nature of Gideon isn’t something that he learned just yesterday; it’s a result of years upon years of emotional neglect and plights untold. Eva’s need to be forthright and for reciprocity and her clingy sentiments towards Gideon are the reflection of her genuineness and they show that she is with him out of veritable romantic reasons.

Is Their Sexual Life Better Than Their Public Life?

As far as their romance goes, their time in the bedroom is so sizzling, fiery, and sexy that the reader can’t do anything but ask for more. Their passion is in full effect when the blinds are drawn and they are completely naked with one another. What words and their tightlipped mouths fail to express is conveyed by way of caresses, touches, squeezes, and intense clenches.

They are also very lighthearted with each other from time to time. This tender and touching aspect of their affair enables the reader to feel elated at seeing a candid couple, not just two troubled young people. In spite of their compulsions, Eva and Gideon make it work, leaving the reader in tears, though with a cracked smile.

Never Disappoints

This book review of Reflected in You of ours has hopefully interested readers in picking up this brilliant installment in the story of Eva and Gideon. It never disappoints, even for a moment. Sylvia June Day can write one hell of an erotic romance, can’t she?

The Crossfire series has three more books until Gideon and Eva’s story comes to its conclusion. Be sure to pick them up because you are in for an adventure!

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