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Replay Book Review (2021)

Ken Grimwood

Replay is definitely one of the most exciting and the best time travel books that you will ever read. It is written by author Ken Grimwood.

It tells the story about a depressed man who has nothing to be happy about in life as he witnesses a miracle happen to him, a miracle that many of us will wish for at one point or another in life. Find out what this miracle is and a little more from this Replay book review.

Replay Book

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Jeff Winston

The story begins with you finding out about the main character of the story which everything focuses on. His name is Jeff Winston and he is like many middle-aged men, has an average life, with a boring dead-end job and a wife who keeps making him unhappier as the days go by slowly. He has only one wish, to be happy and fulfilled in life, and he knows that that will come one day, when he dies.

Better Choices

But, as you go deeper into the book and in this book review of Replay, you find out that Jeff gets a lot more than a second chance in life when one day, he wakes up and realizes that he is 18 again. This is something that almost every person on Earth desires as Jeff has the memories of all of his 43 years of life and will definitely make better choices when he finally got this second chance knowing not to make the same mistakes that got him to being so unhappy in the previous life.

Now begins the adventure of his new life as you read all about it in the book itself. You almost feel as excited as he is when he finds out the magical news of him being 18 again, a truly wonderful experience that no one else gets.

And Again…

The story gets way more exciting when you find out the biggest twist that this novel by Ken Grimwood has to offer. Jeff manages to lead a totally different life than the one before, but despite trying to live healthier, he dies of a heart attack at the age of 43 and immediately wakes up being 18 again. But this time, he wakes up a few hours later than he did the last time and it hardly seemed like it mattered.


What’s really interesting here is that no matter what events Jeff tries to change, he still manages to die again at the same age, this happens again and again but what Jeff realizes is that every time he dies and wakes up again, more time passes from the initial first time he woke up being 18. As he dies more times, he starts waking up years later, and eventually decades.

Super Engaging

This is definitely a very exciting and unique story that you can read about time travel in as the plot of the story proves to be super engaging as it makes you want to jump in the story and replace Jeff for a while. Jeff later finds out that no matter what he does, he can’t change the outcome of him dying at 43, but what he can change is the events that happen before that, for him and for many others.

Definitely give this book a try if you like any kind of stories that involve time travel and exciting plots such as in this one if you find anything you read in this book review of Replay exciting.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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