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Rinn’s Star Book Review (2021)

Paula E. Downing

Paula E. Downing’s Rinn’s Star is a science fiction novel that this fascinating author of this type of novel has managed to fill with another one of her awesome adventures that always have some great threat on the line that proves dangerous to many.

In this book review of Rinn’s Star, you learn about what kind of interesting plot has Paula come up with this time and what sort of characters are involved in the exciting story that awaits. For more amazing stories written by Paula, check out our review of A Whisper of Time book and Fallway book.

Rinn’s Star Book

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Telepathic Humans

Paula starts this story as she introduces us to the exciting world within the novel that seems all too normal until we find out that among the normal humans there is a new breed of telepathic humans that mainly belong to the Chinese.

Rinn McCrea

When we say belong in our book review of Rinn’s Star, we mean that they have contracts that legally binds them to serve the one who has signed the other half of the contract, in this case, the Chinese. Among these telepathic humans is the lovely Rinn McCrea.


Her title is a Starfarer, an honored position among the Chinese that performs all sorts of missions for them. Another exciting thing that Paula has mentioned in this novel is that this world of humans is a bit further advanced as they have opened their way into space travel and conquest and are aware that aliens exist.

This leads us to the more exciting part of this book review of Rinn’s Star and in the novel itself, as Rinn’s ship gets ambushed and attacked by fierce and hostile aliens, the situation gets horrible as her entire crew is slaughtered and no one left alive.

Unexpected Salvation

Thanks to Rinn’s quick thinking, she escapes and finds refuge in a Russian ship. Now, an important fact you need to be aware of is that the Soviets are the mortal enemy of the Chinese, and the Chinese are definitely displeased with this event. If you like the story so far, you might be interested in our reviews of Flare Star book or Maia’s Veil book.

As the story continues, you find out that the Russians actually consider telepathy to be a crime and they don’t condone it, but in this case, they decide to use Rinn for her outstanding abilities for their own benefits. She helps them with things like fixing their relationship with alien merchants which will lead to the Russians getting more powerful.


As you learn more about Rinn in our review of Rinn’ Star book, you find out that she is actually bound to a species of telepaths as well, called Enclaves and they demand that she immediately returns to their control.

Having to worry about so many things, Rinn’s life is definitely becoming very complicated and she is dealing with a huge dilemma and doesn’t know how to proceed with her life. You meet one more important character from the novel who grows very fond of Rinn and their relationship quickly turns into a very passionate one, Yuri Selenkov.

Life in Peace

He offers Rinn the chance to be free from further isolation and to live a life in peace. Be sure to find out what happens to Rinn at the end for yourself. We also covered another amazing book by this wonderful author, take a look at our Siduri’s Net book review.

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