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3 Best Robert L. Fish Books (2021)

Best Robert L. Fish Books ReviewBio

Robert Lloyd Fish was born on the 12th of August, 1912, in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. Fish was a prominent American writer of crime fiction novels.

Early Life

Fish was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He went to the Case School of Applied Science, studying engineering. He graduated in the year of 1933. After graduating, Fish had a very successful career in consultancy and engineering management. He worked in a number of different countries – these same countries would one day become the settings for his short stories and novels.

Best Robert L. Fish Books

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Pursuit 8.66/10 378 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Mute Witness 7.88/10 149 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Incredible Schlock Homes 7.92/10 217 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Writing Career

In 1962, Robert L. Fish was awarded the Edgar Allan Poe Award for best first novel – The Fugitive – by the Mystery Writers of America. Subsequently, in 1972, he was awarded another Edgar Allan Poe Award, this time for the best short story – Moonlight Gardener. A number of his short stories were nominated for other Edgar Allan Poe Awards, but they didn’t make the cut.

In 1960, during his time in Rio de Janeiro, Fish felt confident and published his first short story. It was a sad day in February of 1981, when Fish was found dead at his home in Trumbull, Connecticut. With all that said, we would like to now see what the best Robert L. Fish books are.



Helmut von Schraeder

Pursuit by L. Fish was published in 1979. It is a standalone that subsequently spawned its own miniseries. Its plot is one of the most intriguing to have come out of Fish’s mind. The story follows Helmut von Schraeder. Helmut used to be the most infamous war criminal, serving as a Nazi SS colonel. He was the man in charge of murdering Jewish mechanics at Maidonek.

Israeli Hero

However, the time hasn’t been very kind to Helmut, or should we say Benjamin Grossman? Benjamin Grossman is one of the greatest Israeli heroes, someone that survived the damnable concentration camps, and became one of the most prominent military leaders for Israel. There is a bit of a problem, here, though. Grossman and Schraeder are the one and the same man. Schraeder actually succeeded in going from being a fiendish Nazi war criminal to becoming a Jew.

Identity Change

In 1944, sensing the impending downfall of Germany, Schraeder made the choice to change his identity by having plastic surgery. He easily acquired sufficient papers to be filed as a Jewish inmate at Neunengame concentration camp, soon to be liberated by the Allies.


In a number of off-shore or Swiss bank accounts, he had stored a lot of money, wanting to, upon liberation, to flee to wherever he might want. However, things soon go awry and he finds himself in Palestine, of all places. The story is a thrilling one, complex, but extremely enjoyable to read. Schraeder bleeds through the pages. Definitely one of the best Robert L. Fish books.

Mute Witness


Johnny Rossi

Mute Witness by Robert is a standalone novel that was published in the year of 1963. Infamous gangster kingpin named Johnny Rossi is the main character.

Johnny is called to testify against the associates he has in the crime syndicate. It has become the case that Johnny is the number one witness for the government. Lieutenant Clancy is the one tasked with keeping him safe.


The District Attorney, Chalmers, doesn’t think that divulging important information such as why Rossi came back from California to New York just to testify, and why his testimony is of such paramount significance, so Clancy is in the blue concerning all these things. However, soon things start going awry, and Clancy does all that he can to keep Rossi safe. As he does so, the secrets begin to see the light of day, and they are singularly insidious.

Tough Man

Clancy is a rough, manly, jaded, and worn-out detective trying to do his job. The men that fall under his command in the district are almost always incapable of doing their job in a proper manner. Coupled with the fact that Chalmers keeps precious information from him, we can see why Clancy is so tough a man.

As things go on, Clancy, it is slowly revealed to us, isn’t really a special man, but just knows how to do his job the right way. And someone that knows how to do his job is just what Rossi needs to stay alive.

The Bagel Street Book Series


Fish’s Bagel Street Series is only comprised of two books, but they are fairly long. The two books are without a doubt some of the best books by Robert L. Fish. The duology is comprised of the following books:

  1. The Incredible Schlock Homes, published in 1965.
  2. The Memoirs of Schlock Homes, published in 1974.

Sherlock Holmes Parodies

The collections feature wonderful parodies of the Sherlock Holmes stories. The first book, The Incredible Schlock Homes, features twelve parody stories, starring main character Schlock Homes. Schlock’s friends are doctor Watney, Mrs. Essex, Criscroft Homes – the brother of Schlock. The more that one is familiar with the Arthur Conan Doyle novels and stories of Sherlock Holmes, the more that one will enjoy these stories.

Professor Marty

Schlock and Doctor Watney go through the odd yellow fog present in London so as to find where the most dangerous, dastardly, fiendish villain of England is located – Professor Marty. Homes does battle with his infamous nemesis, Colonel Moron, too. Everyone’s favorite Holmes characters and villains are portrayed in the trademark parodic manner that only Fish could make seem so fluid.

Masterpieces of Storytelling

Even if you ignore the fact that they’re parodies, the merits of the stories are great, too! They are, in their own ways, masterpieces of storytelling. The Gold of Troy, The Murder League, and The Hochmann Miniatures, are books from Robert L. Fish that are sure to amaze readers. They are great in their own ways, but the three that were reviewed above are our own definitive picks for the best Robert L. Fish books.

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