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Rode Hard, Put up Wet Book Review (2021)

Lorelei James

Lorelei James is the pseudonym that is utilized by author Lori G. Armstrong. Lori Armstrong was born in the year of 1965, in South Dakota, United States of America. Lorelei James is used when Lori Armstrong writes erotic and contemporary romance stories, most prominently.

Private Life

Lori Armstrong, when the original name is used for signing the novels, most often writes mystery and thriller novels. So far as the private life of Lori or Lorelei, information is by no means superabundant; in fact, very little can be found. We know that Lorelei James was awarded the CAPA Award, as well as the Choice Award from the Romantic Times Reviewers.

Rode Hard, Put up Wet Book

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Lori Armstrong, for her stories, was awarded the Shamus Award on two separate occasions, and was nominated twice more for the same award. Additionally, the WILLA Cather Literary Award for Hallowed Ground was awarded to Lori, as well.

Both the works under the pseudonym Lorelei James and the penname Lori Armstrong have been featured on the bestseller list of USA Today and the New York Times equivalent, as well. At the present moment, the authoress resides in the western parts of South Dakota. With all of that noted, we can now give our book review.

Rough Riders Series

Lorelei James’ brilliant novel is widely regarded as one of the authoress’ best achievements in her illustrious career. The novel, itself, has a voice of its own and its whispers are like the shouts of other novels.

It is also a part of Lorelei’s most beloved series, Rough Riders. Rough Riders is comprised of a total of sixteen works, of which Rode Hard, Put up Wet is the second, and a few tie-in novels. It was published in the year of 2007. You can also find it in our selection of the best cowboy romance books!

Extravagant Example

It is not a secret that the steaming story is one of the most extravagant examples of erotic romances, in our time. While the novel was published more than a decade ago, its aptness and capability to get the reader sweating, flustered, and attracted to the characters remains unmatched. Lorelei James truly knows how to write an erotic romance.

From what we can gather, the trick is in leaving enough mystery for the characters while simultaneously developing their individual story arcs. Additionally, this book is unique in that it doesn’t just feature a lively, vibrant young couple in the flame of their life, but also a fairly older couple – even though they are older, their intimate inclinations are by no means tame.

Meeting the Protagonists

The main characters of the story are the aptly named Cash and the beautiful Gemma. Cash is head over heels over the infinitely attractive Gemma; she’s all he has on his mind, she’s all he’s ever wanted in a girl. His opportunity seems to come up when Gemma, who is a widowed woman, and her stocks are continually denied by the rodeo circuit.

Having no other recourse, Gemma takes a big gulp and her pride is swallowed. She goes on to the rodeo circuit so as to track down where Cash is so that he can get him to be the manager of her ranch. Cash considers and makes her an offer: he’ll be more than happy to be the manager of her ranch, but once the shifts end and the night falls, their business gains an extra dimension – a bedroom dimension.

Playing Hard to Get

Now, Gemma, if she were to remain completely forthright, has had a few passing thoughts about spending a few nights with the Native American’s attractive body. She doesn’t come out and say this directly, of course; the name of the game is playing hard to get.

Gemma has a few second thoughts because of the difference in age, but still accepts the offer of Cash and their relationship is as follows: as long as there is a sun in the sky above them, Gemma’s word is as important as the Lord’s, but once the moon takes dominion of the firmament, Cash is the boss and his desires are to be followed completely until they are fulfilled.

A Surprise, but a Welcome One

On the one hand, Cash supposes that the widow has a freaky side to her, one that she doesn’t necessarily convey at every turn, but it’s there all the same. Having considered this, he wants to try and tap into this hidden potential and dormant aspect of Gemma, and he’ll get her to show him her true colors.

What he couldn’t have expected, on the other hand, was that Gemma is more than ready to be as fiery and unrestrained under the sheets as possible. In any game that Cash tries to initiate her, Gemma proves to be more than a match for him.

Macie and Cowboy

The other couple in hand is with the daughter of Cash, named Macie, and a handsome, swoon-worthy cowboy who refers to her as his muse. At first, Macie thinks that the muse thing is just a line he utilizes, but soon enough she learns that he is very much interested in her and he really does consider her his muse.

She sees that this cowboy is more than capable of making her feel things, whether it be slight irritation, joy, make her laugh, or just feel a heat wave wash over her, and she quite likes it. In just a little while, Macie walks boldly into the waters of intimacy with this stud.

Engaging Story

The story is just wonderful. Light, funny, easy to read, and follow, there’s nothing that we can say is a flaw and there’s nothing to have a qualm with. Lorelei James’ writing is loose, engaging, and we praise her for that. Our Rode Hard, Put up Wet book review is sufficed to say that we love this novel of hers.

The Rough Riders series of Lorelei James’ has a lot more stories to tell, each as absorbing as the previous.

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