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Rogues of the Black Fury Book Review (2021)

Travis Heermann

Freelance writer Travis Heermann has put aside some of his busy time to bring his fans another one of his books filled with epic fantasy adventures, intriguing characters, and mysterious worlds that just seem unbelievable.

Busy Travis

Travis Heermann, aside from writing awesome fiction books, is also known as a great poet, biker, award-winning screenwriter, outstanding poker player, editor. In this book review of Rogues of the Black Fury, you get to see what kind of novels Travis writes and if you are the kind of person that is attracted to that style of writing, if so, then Travis will be adding a new fan to his list.

Rogues of the Black Fury Book

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Javin Wollstone

In this novel, Travis opens the story with the introduction to one of the main characters in the book, Javin Wollstone. Javin’s introduction is quickly interrupted as he witnesses his sister’s abduction by a gang of shadowy fanatics who grab Bella and escape swiftly.

Black Furies

Not knowing what to do and knowing that he cannot get her back alone, Javin has one option that he must make if he ever wants to see his sister Bella again, he turns to a tough band of highly skilled special warriors, called the Black Furies, and their leader Commander Rusk.

All the Dangers Ahead

Upon explaining the situation he is currently in, the Black Furies accept his offer and start on their mission to get back his little sister. Although Javin is not a skilled warrior like these guys, he simply cannot sit and wait for them to return so he goes along for the ride, not knowing all the dangers that await all of them.

War of Armageddon

Another important thing to mention in this Rogues of the Black Fury book review is the fact that Javin and his new companions did not know that this abduction of Bella Wollstone could be the spark of a war of Armageddon.


As their journey continues, their efforts of tracking down and rescuing Bella lead them to dangerous and life-threatening places like trackless, pirate-infested waters and into the ancient heart of Fartha. Fartha is a highly religious place that is the home of mysterious prophets and Priest-Kings.

This is only the beginning of what Javin, Commander Rusk, and the Black Furies will see as their biggest and most dangerous task arrives, using stealth, they enter the mouth of a huge serpent in the attempt to rescue Bella.

Wonderful Job

After all that these characters have to face throughout the book, you will find that no one will be the same, as the ending approaches, as the characters you met at the beginning of the book and this review of Rogues of the Black Fury.

Travis Heermann has managed to do a wonderful job of describing this dangerous journey of the unique characters and how they change along with everything that has happened to them, as the things they experience in this story are not ordinary everyday things for them.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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