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Rogues’ Gallery Book Review (2021) – The Secret History of the Moguls and the Money that Made the Metropolitan Museum

Metropolitan Art Museum

The book will prove as a very valuable source of information about the most prestigious and glamorous art museum in New York, the Metropolitan Art Museum.

Michael Gross

Author Michael Gross writes this wonderful nonfiction story about this place where you get to read about so much more than the valuable art inside it that is worth so much, you get to read about personal stories about individual art pieces as well as the people who had influence over this great establishment.

Rogues’ Gallery Book

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Juicy History

The story is definitely an interesting one for people who enjoy finding out more about important places like this one as you can find out in this book review of Rogues’ Gallery.

Michael Gross writes the very first unauthorized and very well explained history story about the museum and he tells his readers plenty of juicy stories about the people who had a part to play in building and running this place that many people might not yet know.


As we said, you get to read about so much more than what to expect inside as you can probably find about all of that from a thorough research online, Michael tells you about the stories about the characters who have a part in this as it is super fun to read about other people and what they have done for huge and well-known places such as this one.

Unveiled Secrets

No secrets remain hidden anymore as Michal Gross unveils everything he has managed to find about this place that the upper class has managed to keep hidden. Gross writes about most of the 138-year history that this museum has witnessed, he writes about the things that the people you read about in the book have done in order to fill their needs of greed and increase their riches.

Philippe de Montebello

The cast of characters that Michael Gross exposes in this book starts off with the reveal of the director of the museum, Philippe de Montebello, who was the longest-serving leader of the museum who stepped down in 2008 as he turns out to not be the successful man everyone thought he was.

Luigi Palma di Cesnola

The story then continues by introducing another character from the very beginning of the museum, the first director who turned out to be a big phony as well, Luigi Palma di Cesnola. Michael describes Luigi as an Italian-born epic phony whose only legacy is a trove of stolen ancient relics, what a sad truth that is.

Exciting Read

You can rest assured that this entire book is filled with people like the ones we mentioned in this Rogues’ Gallery book review. Chances are that it will surely be an exciting read as the things  that Michael mentions here have rarely been heard before and people getting exposed is always something quite entertaining to read about.

Michael Englert
Michael Englert
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