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Rot & Ruin Book Series Review (2021)

Jonathan Maberry

With so many Zombie book collections to choose from, it is important for anyone writing a new one to make it stand out from the rest. A review of Rot and Ruin book series by Jonathan Maberry proves this to be “an impressive mix of meaning and mayhem” (Booklist) and it will not disappoint the hard-core Zombie genre fan.

Strong Constitution Required

This series targets the young adult and you would be advised to have a strong constitution to get through the guts and gore. You can find this Maberry’s work in our selection of the best zombie book series! Check it out!

Rot & Ruin Book Series

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Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Rot & Ruin 8.82/10 458 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Dust & Decay 9.18/10 519 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Flesh & Bone 9.02/10 469 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Fire & Ash 9.32/10 537 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Bits & Pieces 9.06/10 577 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Broken Lands 8.96/10 544 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Lost Roads 8.06/10 528 Pages Check Price On Amazon


The main character is a young man named Benny. By the time he turns fifteen, the whole world is properly in the grip of a Zombie infestation and he knows no other type of life. The authorities have declared that fifteen is the age at which everyone must start to work.

Zombie Killer

Benny is forced to become gainfully employed and, with a great deal of unwillingness, he joins his brother in training to become a zombie killer. Benny has too much heart and as he progresses with his training, he becomes more and more disenchanted with the job. He learns what it is to be human in a world where he is surrounded by hate and hunger for human flesh.

Dust and Decay

In Dust and Decay, we catch up with Benny, who has survived a deadly attack by the deadly Charlie Pink- eye. (I am not sure about the choice of name for his arch-enemy as it sounds quite innocuous to me).

Benny and a bunch of friends are now ready to begin their quest to find a better place in which to build a future. En route, they encounter raving zombies, wild animals and more horrors than you can imagine. Can they even survive, never mind find a better world?

Flesh and Bone

Holding on to the hope that some civilized humans have survived somewhere, Benny and his gang try to find the jet that they had seen in the sky. This hope is set against the darkest background of the zombie- infested landscape. Holding on to this hope is the only way that they will endure. Flesh and Bone is the most desperate part of this journey.

Fire and Ash

Disappointment awaits Benny and his friends in Fire and Ash. They have found the jet that they had seen flying overhead in the past and they are now settled in a haven. But it seems that they have gone from the frying pan into the fire.

Greed Still Present

They have inadvertently placed themselves among the most despicable humans who are filled with greed. They have no interest in helping the human race to recover from the zombie invasion and are in direct opposition to what Benny wants to achieve.

To make matters worse, Benny is now in a race against time to find a cure before his friend turns after being bitten by a zombie. Somewhere, there is a scientist who has discovered a cure and he must be found. The fate of his friend and the future of the world rests on Benny’s shoulders.

Bits and Pieces

The last book in the Rot & Ruin book series is Bits and Pieces, an aptly named collection of short stories that fill in the gaps for readers of the series. It also contains the first issue of a comic as a treat for readers and a grand finale for the series.

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