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3 Best Ru Emerson Books (2021)

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Not a lot of information is known about the life of Ru Emerson. Ru Emerson was born on the 15th of December, 1944, in Butte, Montana, United States of America. Ru is a well-known American author, writing primarily fantasy, with some science fiction thrown in there, too.


At the present time, Ru is aged seventy-five. She lives along with her spouse, Doug Emerson, in Oregon. The couple have had one child, a silver mackerel tabby feline named Roberta.

Best Ru Emerson Books

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Xena Warrior Princess 8.18/10 2026 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Calling of the Three 8.16/10 232 Pages Check Price On Amazon
To the Haunted Mountains 8.22/10 320 Pages Check Price On Amazon


Ru adores sports, as she has a lot of fun while running, riding a bike, skiing, lifting weights even, playing basketball, playing tennis, racquetball, gardening, playing the guitar, flying stunt kites, scuba diving, and plenty of exhilarating things!


Ru is also very fond of reading in her free time. She adores reading author Megan Lindholm’s books, the sci-fi writings of Larry Niven, murder mystery novels from Patricia Cornwell, along with high-quality historical non-fiction books. Ru was nominated for the Locus Award for Best First Novel, also! With all that said, let’s take a look at what the best Ru Emerson books are.

The Xena: Warrior Princess Book Series


Most Famous Series

One of Ru Emerson’s most famous series is the Xena: Warrior Princess series. It is comprised of eleven primary books, and they are the following bunch:

  1. Go Quest, Young Man, published in 1999.
  2. Questward, Ho!, published in 2000.
  3. How The Quest Was Won, published in 2000.
  4. The Empty Throne, published in 1996.
  5. Xena: The Huntress and the Sphinx, published in 1997.
  6. The Thief of Hermes, published in 1997.
  7. Prophecy of Darkness, published in 1997.
  8. Xena and the Magic Arrow of Myx, published in 1999.
  9. Xena Warrior Princess: Darkness Falls, published in 2001.
  10. The Further Adventures of Xena: Warrior Princess, published in 2001.
  11. The Xena Scrolls, published in 2001.

It is fairly obvious that the series is a rather long one.

Without a Trace

One of the books deals with the revelation that Xena along with her protégé Gabrielle come by. They enter a village and soon find out that all the men are missing from it; gone without a trace; vanished completely. They soon learn that the village’s king and his men have also disappeared and now no one is there to protect the frail peace in the village. However, the village has one thing to be confident in: Xena and Gabrielle are there!


Another of the stories deals with the task that Xena and Gabrielle are given: they have to rescue a small group of children that have been kidnapped. However, someone else volunteers for the same job: it is the legendary huntress Atalanta. Atalanta feels that no one else has the power or the cunning to uncover where the missing children have gone.

Equal to the Task

However, when the kidnapper is actually found, Xena is faced with the reality that no one’s strength is equal to the task. The sphinx’s riddles are a challenge even for the mighty Xena. It is obvious how much fun Emerson had with writing the Xena books, and that is why they are some of the best Ru Emerson books.

The Night-Threads Book Series


6 Books

Another series from Ru Emerson is her Night-Threads series. This series is consisted of a total six books, and they are:

  1. The Calling of the Three, published in 1990.
  2. The Two in Hiding, published in 1991.
  3. One Land, One Duke, published in 1992.
  4. The Craft of Light, published in 1993.
  5. The Art of the Sword, published in 1994.
  6. The Science of Power, published in 2013.


In the land of Rhadaz, a Duke has died. His death means a lot as 2 children are sent in the keeping and the custody of their uncle. Their uncle, however, isn’t really interested in raising kids so much as he is in clearing the path to the throne. Knowing what being sent to their uncle’s keeping means for their livelihood, Aletto and Lialla escape.

They summon the help of three people from Earth. The first is Jennifer, a junior lawyer that never has time to rest, her sister Robyn, and Robyn’s teenager son Chris who finds interesting the world where magic is the norm; this same magic is what has chosen them to help Aletto and Lialla.

Lesson in History

What the pinnacle of merits that this book aspires to and succeeds in attaining is the portrayal of character. The opening sets up an interesting lesson in history, that shows us how the land came to be as it is today. Once we meet all the characters, one by one, we never stop learning of them.

There is a clear juxtaposition between the countenance and the drives of the characters even though they are on the same side. This is what makes them grow and what makes the series, as a whole, such a wonderful treat to read!

The Tales of Nedao Book Series


Shorter Series

Once more a series from Ru Emerson. It’s fun to note that they have progressively grown to be shorter and shorter, the further we progress in our list. This series is the Tales of Nedao. It is comprised of three books, and they are the following:

  1. To the Haunted Mountains, published in 1987.
  2. In the Caves of Exile, published in 1988.
  3. On the Seas of Destiny, published in 1989.

To the Haunted Mountains

The first book, To the Haunted Mountains, is concerned with telling the story of the Nedao people. It is told from the point of view that Nisana and AEldra, of the cat kin, had. Nisana is the person to whom the story was left to, as she was one of the very few, scarce witnesses of the trials and tribulations that the young, bold queen Ylia went through. Ylia was the Lady of Nedao.

Dark Magic

Nisana was the one that taught Ylia in the very art of the powers that the young queen had. Nisana was also the only person that could see the feelings, emotions, sentiments, everything that Ylia felt as she was exiled from the city of the King. To get back, she was subjected to the darkest of magic, to the cruelest of paths, and to a perilous journey to get back to her homeland.

Touching Story

The story is a touching one. It is rightfully on our list of the best Ru Emerson books. Other books from Ru Emerson that are sure to dazzle and awe readers are The Princess of Flames and Against the Giants.

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