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Running Scared Book Review (2021)

Linda Ladd

Author, mother, and wife Linda Ladd who also has a pseudonym known as Jillian Roth is the one who wrote this interesting dramatic and thrilling novel. Linda is a best-selling author and after writing exciting and popular novels for some time she suddenly stopped writing and there was no new book from her for almost ten years.

A Long Pause

That ten-year holt was broken when she finally released a new novel called Head to Head. In this book review of Running Scared, we introduce you to Linda  and the story that lies in the book itself.

Running Scared Book

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Kate Reed

Kate Reed is the first character you get to meet from our book review of Running Scared who most of the book revolves around. Linda describes Kate, as she opens the book with her, as the happiest woman in the world as she hears good news about the baby adoption process they were having.

The reason for this adoption arrangement that her husband had set up all by himself is because Kate and her husband Michael were trying for so long to have a baby but without any luck.


From the moment Kate sees her new baby, named Joey, she feels even happier and finally relieved as it was something, she had wanted for such a long time. There is even more good news for Kate.

Escape From the City

Her husband suggests that they escape the noise and the complexity of a busy and huge city to the Missouri countryside because now that they are parents they will need more peace and quiet, no distractions, and a break from everything, and frankly, they deserve it.

As you read the book and our review of Running Scared, you see that pretty much everything goes smoothly for Kate and her husband, they got so much of what they had desired for a long time, but just as it all seems good and complete, they are about to witness a very unpleasant surprise.

Strange Behavior

After some time, Kate notices her husband’s behavior starting to become very strange and weird. She thought that her explanation of him being this way is because he has a small case of the new fatherhood jitters was valid until she witnessed some strange people knocking at their door and wanting to take her child.

Murder and Kidnapping

Confused and scared, Kate runs off into the woods and her life becomes more complicated than ever as she runs into an old friend of her grandfather who explains to her that she is wanted for murder and kidnapping.


Kate doesn’t even know who this man is but as he offers to help Kate and Joey, she now trusts him more than anyone. The review of Running Scared book ends here but hopefully, it made you get to know the story a little better so that you know what to expect from the book itself. Find out if Kate and her baby escape all the danger and how they end up at the end.

Alissa Wynn
Alissa Wynn
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