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Sage of Shadowdale Book Series Review (2021)

Your Favorite Wizard

The Sage of Shadowdale trilogy is a part of the larger Forgotten Realms Saga in which you get to read about a very famous character among the Saga and a strong one as well, he is a powerful wizard known by the name of Elminster.

This trilogy is written by author Ed Greenwood and in it, you get to read a few exciting adventures that involve Elminster, the Old Mage. If you wish to learn more about the contents inside these books, then be sure to check out this Sage of Shadowdale book series review. For more info about the author, take a look at our article about the best Ed Greenwood books ever written.

Sage of Shadowdale Trilogy

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Elminster Must Die:...image Elminster Must Die 8.42/10 342 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Bury Elminster Deep:...image Bury Elminster Deep 8.58/10 352 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Elminster Enraged: The...image Elminster Enraged 9.02/10 342 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Elminster Must Die


Elminster at his Weakest

The first book itself from the trilogy is about to deliver a very big blow to the fans as the action comes pretty quickly. In Elminster Must Die, you are about to see this powerful and famous character at his weakest after a terrible event manages to cause so much suffering throughout the land of Faerun.

This is definitely going to make things a lot more interesting for those of you who already know what kind of character Elminster is if you have read any other books with him inside. He is a character that comes up a lot in the Forgotten Realms world and this time, you are about to see a different version of Elminster, one that is about to see what struggling is.


It all starts when Mystra, the goddess of all Magic, is murdered, an event that no one thought was possible and one that was not going to be taken lightly. After her death, a horrible spellplague covers the entire land of Faerun and many who get in its way are killed.

Others are rendered useless in the use of magic and the rest are affected badly in terms of not being able to properly cast spells and use magic in general. One of the last ones we mentioned is Elminster as he was too strong to be killed from this but he is still a mortal and his powers were badly affected.

More Bad News

After this unfortunate event, many enemies that Elminster has managed to make after saving so many in his life have heard of what has happened in Faerun and to Elminster and are about to begin their hunt for the great and powerful Old Mage. You can imagine how someone who has saved the world and messed up evildoers’ plans would be able to make a lot of enemies along the way and that is finally about to catch up with him.

This event would be no problem for the powerful wizard Elminster in his former state, but now, being the way that he is from the spellplague, things will definitely be trickier and way harder, but this is something that is going to make your reading experience a lot more exciting.

Going Insane

Elminster realizes that his spells are not working as they are supposed to, he goes a bit insane after the use of each spell so he starts using a bit more strategy and planning when the fights begin.

The struggle for Elminster is definitely real and it’s something that this powerful wizard hasn’t experienced in a long while. How this exciting story ends and what happens next is up to you to find out and keep all of the fun for yourself. However, if you want to learn more, take a look at our review of The Elminster book series.

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Bury Elminster Deep


Mystra Makes Appearance

If you thought that the first book of the series, Elminster Must Die, was full of surprises and thrilling events, then this second one is about to make you think twice about that. The story in Bury Elminster Deep is about to reveal a few things that are definitely going to surprise you and a few ones that are going to worry you as well. This book can be also found in our article about The Elminster book series. Check it out!

First, and probably most important, you have to find out that the goddess of magic herself, Mystra, who was thought to be murdered and long gone has finally reappeared before Elminster to aid him in his struggles.

Lord Manshoon

Thanks to the spellplague that recently affected Elminster so badly, he was able to lose the fight and be defeated by his old archenemy Lord Manshoon. Manshoon believes that Elminster is finally dead and that he is now free to continue his evil plans. But, Elminster is not dead although he is very weak and things aren’t looking exactly splendid for him. Elminster was able to survive and trick Manshoon by sacrificing his body and surviving in the form of a magical ash.

Elminster Is Not Done Yet

After a series of certain events, Elminster finds himself trapped in the mind of one of his descendants, an innocent woman known as Amarune. Amarune or Elminster, however you prefer, has now been tasked with finding new and trustworthy servants who are willing to do the goddess’ bidding.

A few other characters who you get to meet in this Sage of Shadowdale book are Storm Silverhand and ArclathDelcastle, Amarune’s lover. These two are about to help Elminster do what the goddess has asked him to do and so begins another thrilling adventure that is going to lead to a few very interesting outcomes.

Nobles of Cormyr

While all of this is currently going on at Elminster’s part of the story, you also get to read a bit more about Manshoon again as you find out that he finally feels free to do whatever he wants knowing that Elminster is finally dead, and by his hand for that matter.

Now, being relieved that his archenemy is no more, Manshoon decides to finally continue who evil plan to go and assassinate a few royal and noble characters of Cormyr so that his ultimate plan to become the ruler of the Realms can finally be achieved and he can crown himself the Realm’s Emperor.

Getting Interesting

While you read about Manshoon’s endeavors, there is a lot that has happened on Elminster’s side and the story is finally about to get really interesting. How that happens is up to you to find out as we don’t want to be giving away too many huge spoilers here.

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Elminster Enraged


Working Together

The third and final Sage of Shadowdale book is Elminster Enraged and this book is going to tell you a story about how Manshoon and Elminster meat once more and this time, Elminster has his powers back so you know that the coming events will be nothing but amazing.

There is just one weird thing about all of this. Mystra, the goddess of magic, knows that Manshoon is an evil character and she still wishes that Elminster and Manshoon work together for something that will be later revealed. Instead of obeying her orders, Manshoon and Elminster immediately engage in battle again and what a fierce battle it will be.

Wizards of War

This battle of theirs is about to get super messy and Elminster actually manages to fall to the Underdark where he inhabits the body of a dark elf. He does this so that he can freely begin to carry out Mystra’s orders as this matter can be prolonged no more.

His mission is to rally Cormyr’s Wizards of War because something very catastrophic has begun in their world. A series of horrible rifts have appeared throughout the land that are spawning terrible and evil monsters who seek nothing but death and destruction.

Unavoidable Catastrophe

This Sage of Shadowdale book is also going to introduce you to the primordials, ancient beings who are about to rise again and unleash their rage upon everyone and everything. Those who know what kind of beings they are realize that this event simply must not happen and that time is definitely not on their side.

In the middle of all of these threats, there is so much going on as you get to read about Manshoon again. He has nothing else on his mind than becoming the ruler of the Realms and nothing is going to stop this evil man from doing what he has set out to do.

More Bad News

There are many threats for our protagonist in this book and things may even begin to seem impossible as even more bad news comes straight his way. You find out that Wizards of War are mysteriously being assassinated and no one knows who and why is doing this. That’s something that Elminster can’t afford to have in the middle of these dangerous times.

Definitely make sure to read this story to the end if you wish to be blown away by the excitement that the ending of this incredible story will offer you.

Give It a Shot!

That’s all we have to tell you about the Sage of Shadowdale books in our review without giving away too many spoilers that are definitely going to ruin all of the fun for you. If you like fantasy books and if you are a fan of the Forgotten Realms Saga, then you are definitely going to enjoy these three books.

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