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Saving Grace Book Review (2021)

Julie Garwood

Novelist Julie Garwood was born in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, in 1944. Julie Garwood is a very well- known American novelist, with north of twenty-five books to her name, so far.

Amazing Career

The genres in which Garwood writes most often are Young Adult fiction, suspense, and historical novels, however, it is without a doubt that her best have come in the romance genre. Amazingly, Julie Garwood has had more than thirty-five-million copies of her novels purchased around the globe.

Saving Grace Book

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Julie was born into a family with Irish heritage, and she grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. Julie was actually child number six. She had five sisters and a brother named Tom, accordingly. While only six years of age, Julie had to take a leave of absence from school because she needed to have surgery on her tonsils.

This time spent away would prove detrimental to Julie, as she’d not learned until age eleven how to read. With the help of her math teacher, however, she spent the entire summer learning and mastered it. Her teacher was named Elizabeth, as would Julie’s future daughter.


Julie wasn’t interested in becoming a novelist, at first, mind you. She had chosen to study and get her double major in history and nursing. However, a course in Russian history was what laid the seed in Julie’s talented mind. Her professor suggested that she delve into authoring and that was all that was needed. Today, Julie lives with her spouse Gerry Garwood, and their two sons and daughter, in Leawood, Kansas. Now, we can go ahead and give our book review.

This is one of Julie Garwood’s best works, to date. It is a romance like none other, truly, and it is just a pleasure to read and enjoy. The standalone novel was published in the year of 1994. Take a look at our article about the best medieval romance books for more info.

Gentleness and Satisfaction

The story of Saving Grace book is one endowed with a gentleness and satisfaction. The qualities of the story far outweigh any flaws that it may have, and of which we are surely unaware of judging by our delighted opinion of the novel.

The romance is one moved by characters that are genuine, realistic, and a treat to follow. The story’s anachronistic qualities are not bogged down by the somewhat contemporary attitudes of the Lady, Johanna, and her own Laird, but it is precisely this juxtaposition that paints the story in such an elated, enjoyable light.

The Protagonist of the Story

Lady Johanna, one of the main characters of the story, was married away when she was of a very young age. For the period in which the story is set, this aspect of daily life was nothing out of the ordinary, but was actually the norm.

Her spouse, however, during their life together was abusive, harmful, and hurt her much. Sadly, it wasn’t just Johanna that was afflicted by the heathen, but other girls, too. A reprieve for Johanna seemingly comes when she is informed that her husband has departed to the next world.

The freedom is very short for Johanna, as the King, a man named John, orders her to marry another swiftly. The man that the King has in mind for Johanna is one of the deceased’s companions.

A Reluctant Acceptance

She is rightfully against the idea of jumping into another marriage without even having met the prospective spouse. However, no power does she hold against her fate when the King’s words have spoken.

The only leeway that she thinks she can get is by way of her brother’s advice. Her brother, Nicholas, is angry because he couldn’t come to Johanna’s aid when she was being abused by the late husband, however, this is his opportunity to make a few wrongs, right.


Nicholas has asked one of his friends, Gabriel MacBain, the Laird of two clans, to take the hand of his sister. For his help in the matter, Gabriel is to be granted the Scottish lands that the first marriage entitles Johanna to receive. These same lands were once Gabriel’s, so he is surely going to be keen on acquiring them.

Gabriel considers the offer and, finding no possible drawbacks or flaws in the prospective marriage, accepts. Nicholas even informs Gabriel that Johanna is incapable of having her own children, but Gabriel doesn’t mind this. He already has a child, a son, though the mother is nowhere to be found.

History Repeats Itself

In the mind of Gabriel, he says yes to the marriage because of the land, but when he lays his eyes on the infinitely beautiful Johanna, a few more benefits come to mind immediately. He does have his own reservations about whether Johanna will be capable of enduring the harsh conditions of the Scottish lands, but believes they will manage.

Johanna, on the other hand, upon meeting Gabriel feels an itch of fear because of the way that her previous husband mistreated and wronged her, but an odd sense of attraction and magnetism follows, too.

Troubles and Obstacles

She views Gabriel as an honorable man, a reasonable and sensible individual, and he even has a son who desperately needs a mother in his life. Johanna accepts and the two go from there. With time, Johanna weathers the troubles and obstacles of life in Scotland, and she even comes out stronger. Their romance is one that the reader will surely look on with a satisfied, sweet eye.

Brilliant Work

Julie Garwood has outdone herself and one has to question how it is that Garwood, herself, could ever need a saving grace with the brilliance she continuously and unceasingly publishes. Our book review of Saving Grace has that much to say on the matter. The authoress’ novels The Prize and The Bride are superb works and ones that will likely find their way on your bookshelf.

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