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Season of Sacrifice Book Review (2021)

Mindy Klasky

Mindy Klasky’s fantasy novel Season of Sacrifice brings you a heartwarming story of adventure that is filled with a lot of love, hate, great amounts of sacrifice as you can tell from the title, and selflessness as you will see from the characters themselves.

Wondrous Journey

The main characters that you get to meet will guide you through this wondrous journey that they are about to embark on and who knows what mystery and surprises await them. Be sure to find out all about that from our book review of Season of Sacrifice. For even more information check out our selection of the best Mindy Klasky books.

Season of Sacrifice Book

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The Tree

In her novel, Mindy creates a story around a village that is populated by people whose greatest ally and the most respected living thing they know is The Tree. They are the people of Headland of Slaughter and to them, this tree is very sacred.

They depend on it to keep them safe with its vast and valuable knowledge and secrets. These people that are presented at the beginning of the book make their living by what they can get from the sea and use as food and to sell for money afterward.

The Woodsinger

As we mentioned in the review of Season of Sacrifice book, these people are very depending on this tree and every once in a while someone is chosen to become The Woodsinger, a respected role as well as he who bears this title is the only one who can communicate with the tree and share its precious knowledge.


This is exactly where we need to introduce a special character in our book review of Season of Sacrifice, her name is Alana and she is chosen to become The Woodsinger. Although she is not very keen to bear the title, she must accept it as it is tradition. As all of this is going on in the Headland of Slaughter, there is another story that is coming closer to getting Alana involved in it.

Duke Coren

A character named Duke Coren shows up in this village, along with his men as he says that he is here to trade goods but little did anyone know that he is here for another reason, a troublesome reason.


Because this village is placed pretty far from the mainstream of society, they did not know that the king had died and that is exactly why Duke is here. He kidnaps a pair of twin children who have an important role to play in Duke’s mission to become the next monarch.


After this event, you get to read about Alana and a few other brave villagers as they set out to rescue the twins. Their journey is an unpredictable one as a great sacrifice does have to be made.

But the weirdest thing about their quest is the fact that when they come to rescue the children, they find out that these twins actually do not wish to be saved. This is where our book review of Season of Sacrifice ends, but you can find out for yourself how this exciting fantasy book turns out at the end.

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